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Are changed. This reminds me of the sailors from the first part of joe last week. They were of different cultures. They were of different beliefs and still they felt they understood the magnificence of god working. The sailors were the ones who took time to pray and cry out to jones. God even when joe wouldn't even when jonah was running here the city of niniveh. Here's jonah kind of doing the bare minimum of sharing this message from god and they immediately repair hint. This is part of the reason. I find the book of jonah and even its inclusion in the old testament to be so interesting. Jona jones had the hebrew. The profit jona the guy who guide decides to talk to. He's the one who only engages with god when he's trapped in the belly of fish he is the one who doesn't seem to have compassion for the other people on the ship or for the people of niniveh we don't see jona have a heart for others. We don't really even see. Joan have a heart for god yet. Those people those outside of the day or the ones in this story who are consistently softening their hearts and making space for god to work in their lives the next few verses of chapter three demonstrate this. let's read verses six through nine. When word of it reached the king of niniveh. He got up from his throne stripped himself of his robe covered himself with morning clothes and sat in ashes then he announced in all of niniveh by decree of the king and his officials neither human nor animal cat old nor flock will taste anything no grazing and no drinking water. Let humans and animals alike put on morning clothes and let them call upon god forcefully and let all person stop there evil behavior in the violence. That's under their control. And then the king thought to himself. Who knows god may see this intern from his rat so that we might not perish. All of niniveh from the mightiest person the king to even all the animals they decide to have a fast they repent they sit in morning in ashes. They give up their luxurious lifestyles and their lifestyles of violence. Just in the hopes that god might forgive them. This is the power of god that we see throughout the book of jonah. God still works even win. Jones thinks he knows best jonet thinks it's best to run away from god. Then jones thinks it's best to give a short message to only part of the city of niniveh and then leave. Joan is driven by this type of selfishness and he can't seem to find compassion for other people. I think. I hate on jona so much because i see myself in jones. Maybe some of you can relate to this to there are times where it seems easier to run away then to face hard things had on. It's also sometimes really difficult for me personally to put myself in someone else's shoes to find true compassion for people. I'm really quick to judge instill. Jonas story doesn't end here with an innovative repentance. Get a whole fourth chapter of the book of jonah. Hear these words from jona. Three ten through four three. God saw what they were doing. So i'd takes notice of the innovates repenting that they had ceased their evil behavior so god stopped planning to destroy them. And god didn't do it. But joanna thought this was utterly wrong and jona became angry. Jonah pray to the lord come on lord was wasn't this precisely my point when i was back in my own land. This is why. I fled to tarshish earlier. I know that you are merciful and compassionate guide very patient full of faithful love and willing not to destroy at this point. Lord you may as well take my life from me because it would be better for me to die than to live jonet engages in another conversation with god. This is the second time in the entire book we see jonas speak to god and here is where we finally get. The big reveal here is where jonas tells us why he didn't want to go to niniveh in the first place in joan doesn't name fear or laziness or any other things we might have thought of instead. Jonas says the reason he didn't want to go to niniveh is because he knew god was compassionate. And that god might forgive the people. Jonah on the other hand believes the innovates should be punished that they should be overthrown and he's angered that god is merciful to them. Jona believes that he knows. God he knows god's nature and that it would be better to run away from niniveh than to go and spread the message because he knows god's to compassionate god's to compassionate to pass judgment on these people have a few thoughts about this first off the throughout the old testament believe it or not guide does destroy entire nations. So i'm not really sure why jonas so convinced that god would never destroy the ninna bites. It's not as farfetched as it seems. Also god has just forgiven jona for running away. God has saved jones life after being thrown off a boat into the sea yet. Here jono wants god to withhold forgiveness even though he himself as you just received forgiveness from god. It's probably not the first time. God's forgiven jona either.

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