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Andrea rene. Do you have a suggestion to help people get through their week? I have been obsessed with the new season of queer eye on net. Flicks. I don't know if you've talked about this or seen it, please. Tell me you've seen some queer eye. This is the second season of the new reboot. Right. The third season. Actually, I watched some of the first season. I enjoyed what I saw. But I didn't stick with it. Everything everybody. I've heard talk about this says that you will just ball your eyes out. That's not true. I haven't had to cry. I have teared up a couple times when it's all happy tears. Let me be clear unreasonable. I want to suggest this is because there's feels like there's fewer and fewer purely positive experiences on television these days in so much of reality TV centers around conflict and gossip and he said, she said in backstabbing in queer eye is none of that. And what I love about the way that they've evolved the show from its original days back as cry for the straight guy on Bravo. Is that this is no longer about telling people how they should live their life the way they should. Look what they should eat. This is about helping people realize the best version of themselves that they may be have lost along the way because of a hardship that they suffered or grief that they're going through or maybe they just got a bad Hannah cards, delta them they've struggled to overcome it. And this team comes in and says, hey, we're going to help you rediscover your best self, and we're gonna help you. Remember, how amazing you are. Just the way you are. And I just love that message so much that I'm getting a little teary eyed thinking about it, but it's such a feel good show and that cast this new crew of guys that they have on. It are just such wonderful people to watch on camera and that there's some really good nuggets of wisdom and life lessons to take away from that show. So if you've been not maybe waiting in the wings in your like, I've heard people talk about it. I really just urge you to at least watch a single episode and hopefully you'll get hooked. Queer eye more like tier-i? Yeah. That was queer eye, and it is on Netflix Christian Spicer. What's your parting gift? Why don't wanna spoil slash film? Casra people have listened to it. But I will wholeheartedly recommend Zam. It is such a fun movie. There's there's one superhero movie, that's fun. What it so? It's so fun. There's one scene in it that I think makes it may be inappropriate for younger kids, but you know, do some due diligence. But otherwise, I think the movie is a really fun movie for for young kids. Also, I think it's got a good message. It's funny. The action is great the special effects are great at my only. Minor knit with it as I wish that like one scene didn't happen because I'd be like six year old. We're going to the movies. It bums me out that the movies PG thirteen I feel like they wanted the PG thirteen because it sort of gives them a little street cred in can't have superhero movie that's p g but man, it should be. It should be a movie straight up made for seven year olds. Yes. Versus PG. You can do it. It's a bummer..

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