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In takes the power. Of course. And then as a trio, they defeat him. Right, but not before he destroys the temple that they're in. And basically knuckles gets trapped under this gigantic piece of concrete, like a pillar. And John save them. And sonic has the choice to leave or save them, and he saves them, but sonic can't swim. So then, so sonic saves knuckles, and then sonic's like, but wait, don't leave me behind. And then we see knuckles come back for him. Right. And then they have the bonding period on the beach where instead of fighting each other, they're like throwing sand at each other like talking shit to each other. Like why did you save me? And why did you save me? And you can see they're starting to Bond. Yeah, because up until this point, knuckles has a growing respect for sonic for how sonic treats tales, and he's like, this is actually more aligned with my values than robotnik is. Right, and sonic basically says you don't have to be alone. You know, there's people here that will be your family. And you can see knuckles kind of warm to that. He's like, I want that. Yeah, he's like, oh, and then he has it. And you see how happy he is then. Obviously there's an adjustment period, but and when they fight robotnik, robotic makes this giant robot, like just huge robot. He ends up becoming like this ultimate being and he takes all these tanks and everything and he builds this huge gigantic robot, which is the robot from the video game. Right. Separately, they each try and defeat the robot, and they can't do it. But as a team, they can do it. Right. They utilize each of their powers and each of their strengths, and they really let each other shine. I don't think. And I think that was important for sonic because before he was like, I have to do everything on my own. Where it's like, well, you're failing on your own, maybe lean on someone else and have someone help you. Yeah. And then sonic becomes gold song. Yes, I forgot they become, yes, he becomes goal time, which is like highest sonic. Yes, and he ends up taking out robot X robot and so knuckles thinks that sonic is overwhelmed with the power now. So he tells them he's like, this is no longer the sonic you know. And then sonic gets a chili dog and knuckles. And he's like, no, it's the sonic you know. He's like, oh wait, nope, there he is. And I think that goes to show that if you know who you are and you have a good heart, power can't corrupt you. A 100%. I mean, ultimate power doesn't have to corrupt you ultimately. No, it doesn't. It only does if you're seeking that power for malicious and selfish reasons. Like say you're a wealthy businessman. And you're already made enough money. You don't need to destroy smaller businesses to continue making money. You've already made enough money. That's as greed. That is great. But I also think it feeds into capitalism. It all comes back to capitalism because it has this idea of like, you can never be settled in what you're doing. You always have to be pushing for something more and always be going for something more. And what's the next thing? And what's the next step? It's like, can I enjoy where I'm at? I'm here. Yep. So in the movie, at the end in the robot falls. Yeah. The heads cut off and you see robot and extending the knee open and the robot falls. So everybody believes robot next dead, but he's not. I don't think he is. He can't find it. But you can't find him. But then we see his secret Postgres zooming see a secret sonic his shadow something. Yeah, so things are going to happen. Yes. Well, we have to talk before we go. We have to talk about one of my favorite scenes from sonic two, which is the wedding. Oh, that was the best. It was the best. So pretzel ladies, sister, is getting married to Shemar Moore. And Shemar Moore is military. And so they go to Hawaii for the wedding, not sonic, of course. And she hates Tom anyways. And she's like, don't ruin my wedding. And of course, Tom ruins the wedding. So he throws a ring in sonic, blows a blizzard into Hawaii beautiful, by the way. And then, so now it comes out that the wedding is big. And that Shemar Moore was just marrying her to get info about sonic and the family because they think all alien life forms are evil and need to be contained, not true. And so then her mind breaks. She breaks, I'm a break. If someone like faked all this wedding and be like, you better paid for all this because they didn't mean. And then she loses her mind. My favorite part is when they go to the Mai Tai kart and she just starts chugging a mind. And she's like, she's like, I needed that. I need adventure. And her sister's like, you good? And then they take tails as backpack, and they have all these really fun tools. And then the best scene. Well, I don't want to give it away 'cause it's such a fun shock, but I will cause spoilers. We spoil. We spoil we spoil Isa. She drives a golf cart. And almost hit shemar more. Like he has a physically jump out of the way. And then she runs it into the stage where the band is set up. No people, of course. And then just huge explosions behind her. She's like chugging a bottle of champagne and she's like, where are you at? Come on out. So funny. I was dying. She was, I thought that was the most realistic thing. Yeah, it was funny. Especially like when she uses some of the gadgetry. And when the cyst is surrounded by three people and she throws the thing and it takes all three out. She goes, I didn't even mean to do that. Or it's like the captain and Shemar Moore. And she has like the gun and he's like, that's not a real gun and she blows up. She's like vaporizes the cake and they're like, oh God, that is a real, right? Yeah, she's like holding it. She's like, now what? No way. I thought she is so funny. And any wedding scene was hilarious because I thought she really shown. And I was like, I would watch a whole movie about the wedding. And like the fallout. She was great. Wolf falls in love with her pieces. Yeah, because she's like, I don't want to say crazy, but because she's so passionate about how wrong he's done, he's like, wow, she's like, she's a woman. She can hold her own. She can do all this. I was having rolling. It was really funny. So you gotta watch sonic one and two. Both of them are totally worth it. They're both on paramount plus. Paramount plus also now has the rights to them. And they are doing a knuckles spin off show, which should come out in 2023. Oh, nice. And then the sonic three movie with shadow sonic should be out, sometime in 2004. Very nice, very nice. I mean, 2024. Something to look forward to. Something that looked forward to. Well, as always, thank you guys for listening. We'll be back next week with some more fun stuff. 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