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Parliament resumed today for the first full day since the death of John Turner MPS took the opportunity to offer a few words in celebration of the former liberal prime minister and the conservatives weren't just paying respect to a performer political opponent Deputy leader Candice Bergen explained that the old Progressive conservatives owed Mister Turner a debt. It seems that he saved the life of one their leaders. We have a tendency moments like this to turn men into monuments and with the prime minister with the past as an Olympian athlete and a Rhodes scholar that would be very easy to do but to Canadians who shared their stories this week of a man who remembered their names years after first meeting them of a politician who inspired them to get off the couch of an adversary with without a shred of malebolge his heart the John Turner who comes through is one who always had more interest in being a person than he ever had in being a portrait. As The Story Goes and this is a very interesting one and one when I first heard Mister speaker, I almost quite well I did question. Is this actually true and when I tell you this story for those of you who haven't heard it, I thought you're going to share my my awe in this story. So as The Story Goes The Young liberal MP John Turner and his wife were vacationing in Barbados while on the beach one morning, his wife noticed a man out for a swim who appeared to be in trouble. The surf was rough that day. There was a strong undertow and the elderly man was not a strong swimmer Mr. Turner's wife anxiously allergic her husband to the situation the young MP who was a competitive swimmer in his university days without hesitation plunged into the surf grass the man in a life-saving hold he struggled against the undertow and finally made it back to shore once on the beach Mister Turner set out to give the man mouth-to-mouth resuscitation. When the when the the resuscitated gentleman came to his senses who was the person that Mr. Turner had saved none other than Progressive conservative leader and former prime minister and the then off of the opposition John diefenbaker. Isn't that unbelievable? It's one thing running into a colleague on holiday. It's one thing running into an opposition colleague on a holiday. It's another thing back in that individual's life. But what what an amazing story and what a wonderful story I was conservative Deputy leader Candice Bergen paying tribute to the late liberal.

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