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This is the BBC news. Hello. I'm Jonathan is odd. The United States is announced its reimposing the remaining sanctions on Iran that were lifted onto the landmark twenty-fifty nuclear deal, but officials said they would grant temporary waivers to eight countries that would allow them to continue importing Iranian oil from Washington. His Barbara play tasha. These are the sanctions on Iran's energy, shipbuilding shipping and banking sectors. The aim said the secretary of state Mike Pompeo is to deprive Iran of revenue so that it can't fund terrorists and regional proxies. And to force it back to the table for a new agreement that also restricts this kind of behavior not just its nuclear program. The Americans are acting on their own here because most of the rest of the world wants to preserve the Iran nuclear deal. The Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin said they were determined to aggressively enforce the sanctions, but they will have to balance that with the need to maintain relations with allies and to keep the oil market stable, the United States and Turkey have lifted. Sanctions on each. Other's officials two weeks off to Ankara released in an American pasta held on terrorism related charges. The move follows a conversation between President Trump and his Turkish counterpart regualr time Edwin who reportedly discussed improving relations, the US had imposed sanctions on Turkey's Justice and interior ministers in August over the case of the pasta and Turkey promptly matched. This. A senior Turkish official says he believes the body of the journalists Jamaca Xiaojie was dissolved in acid after he was murdered in the Saudi consulate in Istanbul a month ago, the Saudis who have blamed the murder on unauthorized state agents haven't been clear about what was done with the body. In a message to a memorial service in Washington. His fiancee at TJ Jenga's urged President Trump to press Saudi Arabia over the whereabouts of his body. She said Mr. Hushovd is loved ones haven't been able to grieve properly. I would like to say to Jamal's influential friends, that's even though a month has passed since Jamal's merger. His body has still not been given to his loved ones and his funeral prayer has still not taken place. This is the smallest thing that's one can do after a loved one has passed in the religion of Islam, and we still haven't been able to do that a Muslim cleric Moulana semi or hawk known as the father of the Taliban has been killed in the Pakistani city of role. Pindi the eight year old was stabbed to death inside his home by an unknown assailant from Islam about his Pakistan, correspondent Secunda Kamani students of Samuel hooks Madressa included, the founder of the Taliban Mullah, Omar and its current deputy leader Siraj in her Connie, he also, however headed his own political party and had previously served as a Senator of gun officials had recently Astafei's help in convincing the bond to begin peace negotiations his death. Comes at this time of turmoil in Buxton with angry protests in a number of cities in reaction to the equivalent of a Christian woman sentenced to death on blasphemy charges. World news from the BBC new figures from the United States Labor Department show strong increases in pay have ridge hourly earnings last month were three point one percent higher than a year earlier the strongest increase since the financial crisis. Andrew Walker reports the labor market in the United States continues to form strongly job creation was robust last month. And the unemployment rate stayed at a level that is as low as it has been for almost half a century one aspect of the US economic recovery after the financial crisis that has been seen as disappointing. So far has been increases in pay in the new figures, however, earnings growth, accelerated, the timing of the news is lucky to be politically helpful for President Trump and his Republican party has they seek to retain control of congress in elections next week. Seven people have been killed in Egypt by gunmen who had been fire on a bus carrying a group of Coptic. Christians the President Abdel Fattah El Sisi has paid tribute to the dead and promised to continue the fight against terrorism. It's not yet clear who carried out the attack the medical charity Medecins sans. Frontiers says violence between armed groups in the Central African Republic has forced more than ten thousand people to seek refuge at a hospital. MSF said the clashes on Wednesday in Batangafo led to three camps for displaced people being set on fire as well as homes and the market attends Indian opposition leader Zito Kabwe has been charged with sedition and inciting hatred after he said more than one hundred people that died in clashes between security forces in Hudson. The police said a total of four people had died. Mr. Conway pleaded not guilty and was released on bail a towering figure in the Hong Kong film industry. Raymond chapman. Why the man who introduced the martial arts legend Bruce lead the world has died. He. Ninety-one Chow worked with Leon all his best known films and went on to nurture the careers of a host of Hong Kong superstars, including Jackie Chan jet Li and the director John woo..

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