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Hall on your left. And you've Alfred Charlie Coyle, who looks great at the bruins game, by the way. It's not the pros game. The Red Sox game, by the way. It looks great. The bruins game, huh, Charlie Coyle. Him and mcavoy being there, along with you against the Yankees on Tuesday night now. Together. Yes, all blending together at this point. I also liked how when they were on camera at the Red Sox, I think you could see coil kind of mouth to his girlfriend like we're on camera right now. Yeah, this is what we're on camera. Don't do anything to do, but because that camera will be there for a while. So but anyways, yeah, back to hockey. But Charlie quill, I thought looked great. And I think this is, again, we've both said this. If you can just get 40 to 50 points out of him this year, if he could just be productive, if he can just kind of usher along or kind of go along with Taylor Allen and Craig Smith, that line could work together really well. And also we saw it on Taylor hall's goal. On Wednesday night where Craig Smith takes his normal Craig Smith shot from the right boards and they successfully break it out and haul drives the net hard. I'm wondering for you, how can a guy like Taylor home get the most out of Charlie Coyle and Craig Smith? Yeah, I think as you said on that goal was a great example of just how having hauling that line adds a quick strike element where, you know, with his speed and his ability to move in transition, kind of makes a goal happen out of nothing, right? Seem like almost like a harmless play. Like, wasn't even like a goal that Omar gave, I guess, so you had that kick save in a one way out to the slot. That was a kind of a loose puck that literally hauled his bead van and check two, like right there right out of the doorstep. So in terms of that quick strike ability haul adds to that. But I think with coil, especially.

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