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Fifty eight westwood one the nc double a radio network with the final calls their nights see kansas state got twenty two from xavier snead and gave the south regional one more upset sixty one fifty eight over kentucky would snead fouled out barry brown came through with that game sealing shot just call the south bracket the busting region as a trip to the final four will feature a match up of the nine seeded wildcats and the eleven seeded ramblers of loyola bruce weber case state head coach post game it just shows are resilience are character of our guys we've been through a lot this season and we've been able to keep fighting and battling and making the plays when it matters you know they make runs we got thirty files it seemed like everybody on our team was filed out we were playing with six four and under and they're one of the biggest teams in the country but we got big rebounds down the stretch big stops and obviously berries basket was huge xavier rhodes up and played a special we needed somebody to be specialized said before mike mcgurk moment and xavier xavier had his moment and it was huge not only two points nine rebounds and battle and bigger guys inside and then you gotta give dean some credit without playing basketball for two weeks came in their gods four points you know busted his bud force and we said we have to fight it out grind it out and now we have a chance go to final four but it will not be easy because all his very very good team we we gotta get have fun for about fifteen minutes tonight but then we gotta get refocused and ready for a chance of a lifetime yeah again a nine verse eleven in the elite eight for the first time in tournament history with a trip to the final four on the line this the first win in ten tries all time for k state over kentucky seth greenberg on sportscenter with kevin connor say defendant kentucky really well out of the cats respond to that pressure they took him out they punched him in knows right from the beginning i mean the first four minutes they absolutely dominated the game on the defensive end they got up and.

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