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The Biden administration is expressing growing frustration with Iran after the latest report on its nuclear programme. Time could be running out for Iran. We're not at that point yet, but it's getting closer. Secretary of State Antony Blinken in Germany said he wouldn't put a date on it. But with the latest report from the U. N atomic watchdog that Iran is seriously undermining its monitoring, we are getting closer to the point at which A strict return to compliance with the Jcpoa does not reproduce the benefits that that agreement achieved. CBS correspondent Candy McCormick reporting. Diplomats from the US, France, Germany and Britain will meet on Friday in Paris to talk about the way forward. The Navy says the sailor killed in the suicide bomber attack during the evacuation mission in Afghanistan late last month, has been posthumously promoted. He and the other 12 service members who died in that attack have been awarded Purple. Parts. The 13 troops were killed August 26th as they were helping to screen Afghans and others at the abbey Gate of the Kabul airport. At least 169 Afghans were also killed as they struggled to get to the airport and on flights out of the country. Shortly after the 9 11 attacks, the US began taking steps to secure The aviation industry. W T O p National security correspondent JJ Green says unpredictability was their key weapon, the latest in our look at September 11th 20 years later Transportation Security Administration in the post 9 11 era of terrorism, the newly minted tea ESA played a big role in making the skies safe again. Unpredictability at security Gates and in the airport was the new norm. Kip Hawley, a T s, a administrator in the early two thousand's talked about a program called Viper Teams, their federal air marshals. We've got our transportation security officers inspectors. Pair up with K Nineteens and local law enforcement and move around and unexpected places. David Pitkowski is the current E s a administrator, but we spoke to him back in 2018. I've seen the threat information. It's almost constant. But retired FBI special agent Tom O. Connor says 9 11 was the catalyst for change that was needed. This strike inside the United States really changed. The organization into it more intelligence based more forward Thinking prevention organization and that has not stopped JJ Green w T o P News read more of our coverage of w t o p dot com Search September 11th Sports Next. Here's Nick Ward, the chief information security officer for the Department of Justice on the discussion. Zero Trust in the era of endpoints, sponsored by Titanium. Looking more from the device strategy, and how to our employees connect to services is that that's going to have to change and it has been changing. You know, the executive order for Cybersecurity has really driven us towards zero trust framework, and we have certainly embraced that idea. Listen to the entire panel discussion on federal news Network Search..

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