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Us day wise said though adviser no i was taking my basic requirements 'cause you sort of get mandate it would right right right but then when you start to think about your major would yet outlook on day one you go meet with your advisers and i was like here's the deal and they're like there is one major that is sort of a like design your own and it's called international relations so you can live in france you can if your thesis is somehow related communications we can do something with adam burke you can use your elective todo entrepreneurial management at warton you get all the stuff you wanted to college and because you're doing france and the barnes foundation was is which is the most extraordinary collection of of paintings that was outside of mainline philadelphian there was is amazing uh graduate course that i wanted to go and steady at the barnes foundation he said while you can work that in through the france angle i was like okay i've in so our so i wrote my thesis paper on um telecom internet the french actually at the time were very progressive in technology so was international a bonder barrier of telecommunications and so it was actually i was sort of into communications and technology and all of that and before i even new that's where my career with lead but that's why it was i are wasn't that i wanted to be an international government i was just hacking like how could i do everything i wanted to do within the construct of actually graduating on time and not making my parents pay for an extra year so you did graduate in four years i did when you graduated what was the first job at a college.

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