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This is chicago uh let's see i'm looking to see what school district this was in it in naperville north high school naperville all right very good neighbor naperville mary for no naper as in caper with an n naperville thanks for the call naperville it's naperville north high school and what's interesting was to is they said just wait till this happens at your school no just wait till parents realize i think what's actually early happening here because it this is in place it every school is what you're saying dr pistole this is already face this nice waiting to take off yeah the default attitude of the public schools is that this that would happen with this kid was entirely their provenance that they and they in particular had every right to do what they did they believed that about your kids they believe that way even issues of serious discipline in this behavior that they they are entitled to investigate to adjudicate and to punish without even necessarily having to contact your yup in tact the attorney for the family was like look because he filmed a he's here he has a minor he film to sex act with another minor this isn't child pornography but in the meeting they were basically saying that this and some images of minors even though this kids a minor as well right and and there was some consent as to having this on his phone this was not a case of child pornography but they.

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