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They'll tell you how to do that. And then also you have all kinds of things like pick your own term loan where you can pick. Whatever term you want. You don't have to go back to thirty to get a low rate three three eight six seven seven thousand ideal hormones dot com. Aren't. So let's talk. Greg says stem cell fraud. His grandson went his grandson. It's a little different in this one in this one. Greg is saying they promised to do things. They can't do. So it seems like they extracted stem cells from him. The grandson. So they didn't have them shipped in. So I want to go over with Greg. I I want to go over what constitutes legit stem cell therapy in order to have living stem cell therapy under current law. You have to extract at the time of injection. They won't you can't condense them enough to keep them alive. To Shipman you can't condense enough to keep them alive for days. So you have to extract and do it at the same time or within however, many hours. Now, here's the deal. Not only is extraction at the point of delivery necessary. You also must do guided injections needles without guidance. They're useless because you have to get that close systemic stem cells don't work and neither do general joint injections. So you have to do it specifically, and you have to do it the right way. Now, the other thing is when you do stem cell therapy. There are never guarantees by legit providers. So Greg, let's just talk about this. You said they extracted stem cells. Did they use guidance when they did the injections? I can't answer tonight. You're upset because you feel they lead them on exactly. And a lot of people. And there's like a Facebook group for these type of people. They're all these phonies are all over the place. But you know, what there's a difference between a phony and someone saying, well, it didn't work. I mean, even centennial Scholz who are the premier providers, he invented he literally was the first one to do stem cell therapy in a clinical setting, and even he says, it's not gonna work all the time. And you know, you can't go to him and say, hey, you cheated us. But what he won't do is say, oh, yes, we can grow brain cells. That was my issue. Big issue is is and at one point I called them to try and get something out of say, are you claiming that you can do that? They they, of course, not everything works every time. Okay. Well, listen, listen. And we don't guarantee any results. Then how do you feel that it's fraudulent because they said there has been market improvement of brain cell. Restoration from stem cell treatment, and you can disprove that statement. I I never found anything took support it. Okay. I don't think you have a case. I don't think I have a case. I just want to. I mean, I'm not giving you a legal opinion. I'm just saying this is just a case of exaggerated BS. However, you know, you could have a case if you could prove that there was fraud in the inducement, meaning they lie to you to get you to get the treatment or your grandson that they lied to the family. And that's the only reason the family did it, and I would do it in small claims court. I would I would just go after him. Anyway, I would just go after him for seventy five hundred dollars. And I'd say here's the deal. They lied to us. And then I I gather emails and just see what a judge says is this place still in business. Yes. What's the name? I don't have it right here in my Email. We'll get that information. I think I think small claims court would be a pain in the ass for form. And you should do it Gary. Yes. What's going on buddy? What's going on with your ninety five year old mom? Yeah. She was in the post office tripped? Over a vacuum cleaner power cord broker knee cop most of the fall with their face and. They made the statement while they were there that they would take care of medical bills will now we're talking about having her go to you no longer term care at the tune of about four thousand a month. Gary, Gary, there's a post office. No, probably not. It's a federal agency. It's a government agency. Probably not and that how I don't know though. And again, this is not legal information. But in general municipalities are immune. Yeah. And there are municipality, but. They might have insurance. Here's the other thing. Even if it was a private party, you understand that damages are calculated on what it what it resulted in. If you're ninety five. You know, and they she has to go to assisted living. You can't attribute all of that to that one fall. Right. Okay. You know what? I mean. Right. Yeah. Yeah. Okay. And you can't however you do get victims as you find them. There's a Latin term for it. You take him as you as you get them. In other words, it's it's the egg shell the what's called the eggshell theory or eggshell. Here's how it goes. If you are. If you have a condition where your your head is vulnerable and any blow to your head can be severe damage to your brain. Because it's brittle and you're in a car accident. You can't use as a defense. Well, come on under normal circumstances. A person wouldn't even be injured. I think the shelf theory. I think it's Bs, and I think people shouldn't be blamed if they're a minor. Fender bender with someone who happens to be injured already. But the law has has ruled in the past that it doesn't matter. What condition the victims in? If you hurt someone you deserve. What comes with it? So you could use some of that for your ninety five year old. But that it doesn't get ridiculous. In other words, you know, I mean people can make a, you know, well, this happened. And then that happened. Therefore, you have to take care of my mom, my mom for the rest of her life. It's just not going to happen over tripping over an electrical cord, I don't think. But I don't think you will find anyone anyone at all to even touch the case because of it because there's not a lot of money for ninety five year old victims. It's just the way it is. So again, you heard me talk about small claims court. I don't think you can even sue though Mark in small claims court. You can't sue municipality. Can you know, you gotta ask generally speaking. I think you have to ask permission to sue them in his ballot. I don't know how that works. Yeah. You know? I think it's just you know, one of those things, but she has social security right now does Medicare work. Well, she's got Kaiser I don't know what that means is that's a supplemental for it might be. I think she has what does that call where you let someone take over your social security, and they provide everything and and the premiums go to them. I think listen, here's the deal. What are you trying to accomplish us go at it that way? I just want her to be able to get the care that she was she living alone totally on her own. She's lived there by yourself for twenty years. She wants to go home, but even the rehab, physical therapy occupational therapy. And you know, they don't and they're going to do surgery on her knees. So this is probably at least what the good valves, and she has good health and ninety five I mean, she's not on any medication. No oxygen. But. Guy next month to a year recovery and that in long-term in. You're not going to get them to pay for that. Yeah. I mean, you can ask him ask him. Yeah. I would like to ask fuller. If he's around a question on this. So you can listen, Gary. Brian you bring up a good point here something I've never been asked before Brian. So you're eligible for lunch because whenever whenever people ask something that's never been asked before I offer him lunch. So what is it ask your question? Hey, tom. Thanks. Actually, arkansas. So it might be a difficult to lunch. Come on, man. Come on come down and get you. Okay. Go ahead. Hey wednesday. You you talked about it freezes, and I have my credit frozen and my wife credit frozen. But. But up minors lent him credit torch, actually created for somebody. You know, I've got a seventeen that's a really good. That's a really good question. I really is. I think credit reports are created. At your first instance of credit. I think do you have something to say in the cases of cases where people are using my deputy theft, whether using the identity of minors in creating credit. Yes. So then it's created. I don't see any other way a credit file could be created. I don't see any other way. So is there any way to put a freeze on anything? So that they couldn't be used for illegal transactions like that. Okay. In other words, how do you prevent someone from using your kids identity to establish an ID, and you do it ahead of time. Very good question. Like, for example, my kid. Here's his name. And if anyone tries, yeah, I don't know with his social number actually that would be you know, what that's a brilliant idea. And I'll tell you why. If automatically children who get issued social security numbers if they automatically. Were entered into this where they could not get credit until the year of their eighteenth birthday and any attempts to get credit for them beforehand would be triggered what a brilliant idea. It's something that it's something that the credit reporting agencies would have to do. On my daughter's about to graduate high school with that. If she hasn't foes in credit report without impacting anything with college applications, or do they do any credit searches that way as well? No. I don't think. So I think it's no, I I don't think credit enters into college entrance. But even if it did what you're saying is put a credit freeze on a kid. But don't you agree that it would be wonderful. If all kids, I mean, they know the existence of a child because you get a social as soon as a kid gets a social and his age is entered. The computer keeps track of that till eighteen and no credit will be issued. It will automatically come back. So if somebody used John Smith or Joey Smith, that's a little boy named Joey. And and it's a one two three four five six seven eight nine ten, social or whatever it is. Then then it comes back. Ineligible. And then it's triggered like, no one could use a minor anymore. I think it's brilliant. I in fact, how would we get that instituted? It's we have the technology right now to do it that every kid put in there. And you know, here's another thing, Brian if it's not instituted it would be something for someone to institute where parents can call and we keep track. I don't know we got to figure this out. I loved the idea. I love it. What a good idea. Thanks. I appreciate it. I don't think I don't think there's anything like it. If you find out more, please call us, and what is your connection to Colorado if any? You. Did. You stumble across us. For years. Tom back when you were WABC. Yeah. About four years ago. So were you were you living in New York? No, no, actually, I was living in Houston. And I was on KTAR h in Houston. Yeah. That's right. Yeah. We had a great show. Yep. We'll thank you. I appreciate you're still listening. If you ever get close, Suzanne if he ever gets close to Colorado, you tell him we want to see him here in the studio. He listened to me when I was on WABC in New York and KTAR h in Houston. Yep. I was almost famous as they say three zero three seven one three eight two five five who do I love? You know, what I love people that do great jobs, and that's one of the things. 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