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You guys. Breaking down, book yesterday. I listened to the podcast as well, and that was good that best I've already know break it down. To the book now that's good just. EARNS LOT CAST. I'm pet sell all day of the week I would take. Campers. Son Elber Blind Mike Knows. I don't get that what people were saying like, Oh, that's funny that he said I can't say that about my mom I don't get it I. Think you about your mom. Right. But I just don't I understand I understand what you say the word mom and have it be funny no but I think it's I. Think it's funny. He's acknowledging that you and your mom everything but is that what he's do i. Think he's saying they cut him often somebody says on but some of these mom. Yeah. I. Think he was he was expecting a dump button to be had. Greg. Hey. You can't use the word. Sports it. Says there I'm over? Much Fan you know although if I'm looking at the though it seems like. I callers her head supporters, Roy Ninety five callers. I suppose. That's interesting. Yeah. That's something that should be looked at five. Am I gonNA crunch the numbers I'd rather have the ninety five endorsement. I would also say that much they'll kind of guy like do you want him to endorse I'm glad I'm. Glad Mutt. We pretty this way Jimmy Stewart was the producer of mutton Merloni on day one is. A fucking crisis coming got the fuck out of their troops Jimmy Stewart's blonde like. Monroe Loney had sellers, Jimmy Stewart's the kind of guy if it looks difficult bales, he's Bhai Mike Guy. That's not what I meant. He's So. Read the writing on the wall that was disaster your I mean I saw somebody tweet this I forget it was who said maybe clamp campaign slogan should be clawing order I. saw half that's not bad. Wouldn't like that a lot of no no, it doesn't want the streets. Muslim dirty mutton Adam in the hand or the Ali. Frazier, you is. A three-star generals. Jesus thirty each. That many taking shots at you on the Oj show last night by the way. Was it? Yes. Criticizing you. Oh, well, that's all right. Is If I think the big thing you got to reconcile with and I'm a neutral party here because I'm debate moderator is Kirk tweet this morning. You're. GonNa have to find a way to explain that away I can't blame endorse. No I've endorsed endorsed anybody so far everybody I mean your Your opponent, your opponent is casting it as an endorsement. But Yeah I mean I'm sure he'll ring commercials. I'm very clear very, very clear. I am not endorsing blind Mike. Or to toews yet neither one. Okay very clear I'm not endorsing by Mike. Ted's either one of Ame. I'm just trying to you know this is this I'm here just right down the middle. I feel I feel like it's a big endorsement to get maybe not the biggest for the big one. I won't be kingmakers that's not my job and let the process play out through the nomination process and the conventions and the debates, and but the best man or woman whoever jumps in wins I think the other problem is going to be deep fakes I. Mean we're already seeing all these photoshopped pictures are I can't tell what's real. Shops yet maybe maybe some videos who's WHO MISSES PENIS HEAD? Who's your chief of staff? She. Doing she's working. She's doing some very big things like what very big things we'll get to that I mean you'll see some results. If you see a picture of video, thanks fraudulent Shinji reaching out to twitter to have flag manipulated media. With the trump campaign toys is a friend of mine and he's working on that. Wait a minute what your friend of Dorsey Oh. Yeah. Wow we're working on sometimes Okay. Good looking forward to it. So calm seaver would always tell me. When Tom seaver. Another good friend of mine, but he enjoyed the. I the only thing with us, a picture of and social media yesterday was having lunch. Mommy's. Seemed like he was having a good day. Which is nice. It was nice to go. What do you mean? That that's the way to go. She's the meal at a nice Italian talking about I just saw I don't know any I saw you had lunch here. Mommy's no longer was Tom seaver. Jesus said. Boy. Harper. I don't I cannot confirm nor deny. She died I know he lived and that was a great amendment of Blend Mike Supporter seventy five years. Old Tom Terrific. Yes. Well, yeah. Not If you look at the trademarks. True I. Thought. He was he pissed they were Brady. Got It. All right but even sick for a while he had He had Alzheimer's he had the the Robin Williams. What's that called Oh Louie shut them Jerry's mom fuck for the name of it. LOOK UP Steve Feeds. It's horrible That's why Robin Williams. His body right I think that's right. Yeah. He had them I. Think you also covert right seaver. I think I read that this morning it's Lewy body dementia. Yeah. So many five. Crew with the red sox remember US trade the Red Sox. Yeah. I. Mean we was by news also, he was older that point anything about. Forty. You mentioned topsy from me but they go. do you have that Pelosi sound yesterday? Yes. I agree with her? Set Up. So what she's supposed to know all the laws. Of Physics was a Republican immediate would be camped out of their house demanding the resignation off just again. Pick an easy one vodka trump. Yeah Just, any any republican anyone who is not a democrat? Well, I mean if was Susan Collins only be flipping out this. Oh, they totally would. Much it was vodka trump maybe even more now that's not true. Okay. She's F. Chuck Schumer would spend ten million salary fairly anonymous Repo Nancy Pelosi is high profile I'm saying you gotTa match the profile. So I would say vodka trump's more famous as famous as Nancy Pelosi right in American politics or whatever just picture that or the first lady. Well Yeah. But I mean I think Steve Say. Less alone saying, I. Don't think it would be as as as crazy as it was trump who was like a you know. Congressman who was a congress with? What's her face Nikki Haley would not be as big a deal, right? If someone who is currently in elected official with a vote over legislation sure. They would see the ability to and by the way. If they were finger-wagging like Nancy Pelosi was I'd be great with you. You deserve it right That your. But even if you hear the way, the person, the media, the report asks her the question. Do you have that sound because she says her she's like I have to ask this I have to know I think. She she says, I really have to ask questions. We'll know your job. That's please. Forgive me I mean she should. Be Resigning over this. It's fucking crazy. And it is again tonight harassing answer if you're willing to go into salons, that's why not just let other people. Because they want to keep everything closed until elections over I. Mean. That's that's just the truth. That isn't it. I saw Dave re tweet this morning another place in Boston closed down to see his tweet. Yeah. We're closed down shit. When does this end was the poor house? Or closest selling whatever could put Dave says, when does this can end?.

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