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The other way you can get in touch with the show is via Twitter that would be at Jodie Mac man J. O. D. Y. M. A. C. M. A. N. got a couple tweets so far borderline Mack Daddy tweeted today where the nothing outrageous nothing all my god I get one every once in awhile for it's our county of Goshen with that's come behind to beat one say that about the group tweeted I've received help ourselves if you've got something more poignant more insight poll more humorous to share with the class do you sell at Jodie Mac man J. O. D. Y. M. A. C. M. A. N. I will read it I will rate it I will rank in it if it is the best week to Daddy Mack tweeted today I'll read and share with the class at the end of the show that's up to you you got to send it to me at Jody Backlund J. O. D. Y. M. A. C. M. A. N. Allinson jerseys up on CBS sports radio Alex Hey Jerry how are you very good question of the question or the break is Stephen Ross about it that's not bad dolphins are a team is trying to go we build he's not on willing to speak he he picks and chooses his spots when he decides to take a stand and this could be one he chooses I like it that's pretty good suggestion hello sports so it's funny because I actually turned me up yeah the horse racing a little bit actually you're free to hold all the time it starts to make a killing the mountaineer but for the first time the dog probably since I was about maybe twenty I'm thirty one now so probably about eleven years actually put more stress on for them watch for sure okay yeah I'm a fan of the game and I I play from time to time I'm not day everyday player I don't follow up but weekends I've usually got to big races on and I'll put a couple of Bucks Satan and just add a little interest to it it's still a good sport I didn't get a chance to win well we didn't we didn't punch reports raising gas I'm gonna get one later tonight and they got a pretty good scandal going couple of trainers have been getting away with the uses of PDD PD's with horses in both Florida and New Jersey Jason service the trainer of last year's Kentucky Derby winner but disqualified maximum security just won a race over in to buy twenty million dollar purse the horse has tested positive for illegal performance enhancing drugs there's just spending but licensed both Horry Navarro traded down Florida Jason service who's got some top flight horses the it's it's not getting the play that it did Major League Baseball when individuals we're doing it because trainers are always looking for an edge always finding a way to try and keep the game they quite two very prominent trainers and it's a black eye for the sport I have to make it go away now I'm not to drop it down another notch in the consciousness of the overall sports fan it may be and it comes at a bad time because yeah they have the ability they feel that they can protect their people I'm tracking continue to compete just by taking the spectators away and truth be told some of the tracks on a day in day out basis don't get that big a year crowd to begin with anyway so they can continue to run their support and they don't rely on they don't need they don't have a big fan base to lean on to be a it would charge them to get into grazing days but they need to support because it generates the revenue that it does to wagering they don't run nobody's making any money so that's why horse racing is still ongoing at this time when other sports are in a corona virus outbreak do not hang on here on CBS sports radio got Dan and ed when I come back love to add to that mix hit me up at eight five five two one two four two two seven bye to me our CBS sports update Todd what do you know Johnny fast sports way all right Jody is a hall of fame coach he's been to seven final fours he's the only coach to win a national championship at two different schools but he's also the only head coach who was fired following the FBI's investigation into pay for play recruiting practices and now Rick Patino is back coaching college hoops hired as the new head man are you owner but you know coach loophole for sixteen seasons but was fired in October of two thousand seventeen and spent the last year and a half coaching increased meanwhile the cancellation of the NC double a basketball tournament has left a number of story lines in its wake records for example was twenty eleven entering the big ten tournament and closing in on its first NC double a berth since nineteen ninety.

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