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Was the ideal destination for the students to one wind. Dr Year of Intense. Study like eighteen miles. North of Venezuela Aruba is a constituent country of the Kingdom of the Netherlands and along with other nearby islands locked Blair and cure sow and makes up part of the Dutch carrier Bane as the Orland laws below the Atlantic hurricane belt at boasts warm sunny weather all year round ensuring the students could make the most of the golden sand beaches to coys waters and throbbing nightlife. Not only was. The destination easily reached via short flight from the United States but given that Americans accounted for seventy two percent of visitors to the island. The students could also expect all the comforts of home including familiar fast. Food restaurants and International Hotel Chains Aruba was also relatively easy to navigate spanning just twenty miles long and six miles wide with a population of approximately one hundred thousand inhabitants. Although most the Ruben spoke adot shore pappy. Minto a creole language that blends Portuguese Spanish Dodge and several west African dialects many also spoke English Takeda to American visitors to the one hundred and twenty four students and seven chaperones arrived at the Aruban capital of a run. You start in the island's North West. It was only a fifteen minute drive from the airport to Palm Beach to check into the Holiday Inn resort located directly on the ocean. Front it was one of the many major hotels that lined the palm fringed beach in addition to the more opulent Mariot Robison and to win them. Debate was studded with Sun. Lange's and take you Baas and also housed the small collection of concrete fishermen hots where locals could store their equipment Danton run. You start was just a ten minute drive away. Providing easy access to the city's lawfully Baas and did not clubs and was a stop off port visiting cruise ships the Manton. Brokaw trip was all inclusive. Meaning all food and alcohol was already paid for unlock. The United States where the legal drinking age was twenty one. The loose lean forced drinking age in Aruba was eighteen for many of the visiting students. It was their first experience with Lak- and that first one is it. The job of the chaperones was mealy to conduct a RONCO. Once a day and two bay available if any issues arose leaving the students free to enjoy that time however Thi- pleased.

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