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Afternoon I don't know whether any of you saw the Elizabeth has great red shoes so next next year I'm gonna real my rage thank you all for being here and thanks to you justice cake and it's an honor it really it really is an honor I mean I I first off I do everything Elizabeth asks me to do or tells me to do but this one was a really special privilege entry just because you know I I I never had the opportunity to meet Roger Wilkins I feel as though I know him some through his daughter and through his wife and he was just such a super a educator and journalist and lawyer and most of all public servant and it's great to see you carrying on his legacy Elizabeth and it's great to be here for this so there a lot of undergraduates here there some law students here this is a very diverse campus people from all sorts of countries all walks of life all classes but they all have one thing in common they are all a mass of anxiety about their careers so chillout chillout so so let's talk about careers particularly yours Harvard Law School to clerkships law professor White House dean Solicitor General was was there a grand plan did you did you plan that whole thing out yeah was all written down or something you mean you know that's a joke when you were in high school you actually appeared in your high school yearbook wearing a gown and and holding a gavel was was it was that just coincidence was just fill incidents we had a bunch of us had raided the costume class the drama department and that's how I ended up but I really had no idea I was going even to go to law school before basically the year before I went to law school and and I guess my view of the way things have turned out is that most of it was serendipity and and unplanned and and the people of this age college students law students they tends to plan too much and the best advice you can give people is you know you know planning some is good and important but is is really just to keep your eyes open to opportunities that might pop up because I think most of life happens that way it's just things things come about that you never would have expected and the only thing that you have to know how to do is add in and grab those opportunities when they do arise and figure out the good ones from from the not so good with you had some setbacks at one point you were nominated to the DC circuit by a president Clinton and as sometimes happens you didn't really get a hearing or a or a vote at one point your candidate to be president of Harvard totals about how those disappointments if you have got those jobs you might not be sitting here yeah so how how should we think about those kinds of disappointment yeah well I mean those are high class.

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