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Com from your breaking news station i'm remote and bring cnn is reporting the us military has been working on plans to send more troops to syria or from correspondent barbara starr military plans are in the works that could fend dozens of additional us troops ten northern syria defense officials say just as president trump was saying this will become another syria like very soon let the other people take care of it now killed in northern syria hours after president trump said the us should get out army master sergeant john dunbar and search matt ten row of the uk both killed in an ict blast while on a classified mission to capture or kill an isis operative a democratic candidate for governor is trying to keep an opponent off the june primary ballot the albuquerque journal reports jeff abadaka claims in the lawsuit that state senator joseph surmount is didn't submitted a petition signatures survived says he expects to stay in the legal challenge the other democratic candidate in the race is congresswoman michelle luhan grisham in eastern new mexico a man is charged with homicide by vehicle for allegedly causing a fatal accident while driving drunk so he police say year thirtyoneyearold carlos navarette of portalis was traveling southbound on highway seventy at a high rate of speed early saturday what is pickup rear ended another vehicle causing it to overturn driver fortyoneyearold jose saldana pinellas was ejected and died at the scene april is sexual assault awareness month gloria marcotte is an officer with the rio rancho police department and also self defense instructor marquette says it's important to make sure law enforcement officers are trained in how to respond and investigate sexual assault cases we are very big advocates especially up in rio rancho about making sure everybody's trained in this specific area we're doing it right now in new mexico marquan says one in four women and one in twenty men will experience some form of sexual violence in there lifetime's seventy four degrees in albuquerque the news sponsored by reams nursery i'm larry mullen prank on ninety four point five fm and am seven seventy newsradio k kk obi motor city madman speaks out bagging do you have sleep apnea are you.

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