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I didn't watch the game last night to sell the highlights but every time i watch him he looked really good yes in his body language is really authoritative like he is in total command array offense in total command of his motions he he was rock in in firing in the highlights i saw gifts big arm you know get he's got good personality i'm sure he could be somebody's face of the franchise goodlooking kid he's got it all got the whole package so to me i'm wondering last night man that was a showcase because in game number one jimmy g played two and a half quarter is in fact a little more than two and a half that's a lot of football for game number one obviously brady wasn't gonna play but what is the method to the madness what are you doing coach bell check are you trying to market him for trade maybe but i'm with you i think mostly you're trying to condition patriot nation to see enough of jimmy g that he can lighted it up twenty 228 to say there's the future and that's the guy who's going to replace the the beloved number twelve and i'm with you i think we're heading toward signing jimmy g after this season and that he will be the starting quarterback next year i believe it's because bill bella check who's now i think sixty five once a shot because he thinks he's earned a shot at winning a championship with no tom brady brady get to me i give bray seventy five percent of the credit you think it's more like advantage bill jackson outright six who forty so to me it's laughable to think that jimmy g could take them to the super bowl dish year if he got thrown in i got a knock on wood again for terrible reasons but.

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