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And then whether. But there's a lot to do. Yeah. The ones for you. And still snowing. Expect snow all the way until four PM today in the Salt Lake Valley High of thirty six with a low of twenty one. All right here we go with Boehner candidate. I'm sorry. We'll give to the Steve Berg news next hour. Don't leave me hanging. He's still alive. Okay. Here's Boehner candidate number three. She was found stuffing ruin her Honda. A woman in. Someplace quakertown says was arrested Wednesday for attempting to steal a kangaroo from a petting zoo. Lauren Lauren rather mccutchen faces misdemeanor charges of theft by unlawful taking and trespassing as well as a summary events of damaging property, Bedminster. Police were called to a peaceable kingdom petting zoo for a report of theft of a kangaroo when they arrived, they found MS mccutchen, stuffing, the kangaroo, and or Honda pilot and then planning on driving a Florida. When questioned by police at the scene, MS mccutchen, provided a false name identified herself as a bucks county. Humane society officer, she showed officers the badge, although she was not working under the societies authority at the time. Ms mccutchen told police she was the owner of the kangaroo and rented it to Chris mayday who runs the petting zoo on the property she claimed that the kangaroo belong to her. However, she was ordered by a court to surrender the kangaroo, and she was not allowed to have possession of the kangaroo in Pennsylvania. Which is why she wanted to take it to Florida. Earnestly all I've ever wanted a kangaroo. So I greatly sympathize with this woman. Yes. This country news a bolt cutter to cut a chain securing the gate to enter the property. They're not.

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