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Yeah so when we had lunch you were saying. Oh my gosh. Yeah doing a big things on the horizon. And i'm excited about trying to launch something to help other oiling. Help oil and gas companies kind of get their name out there like wow. That's interesting. i'm. I'm excited to see what how how it's going to manifest in. I'm wondering how do you feel like the progress has been really gonna light years since then. How do you feel like you're progress has been in like where do you see it now. And where do you see it like. how do you feel. The vibe is kind of weird is now because a lot of doing is kind of feelings based thing and like where you are right. The gas determine the podcast sir. Flipping the script. I'm digging this. No you said you said you wanted to have conversation having a conversation would you see it going. Okay that's great question so we first met. That's coming up. I started launching a connection crew. And at first i thought it was gonna be one thing i i thought it would be strictly like brand promotion. All my presence is still doing that for slow couple of a couple of customers rustler's and that's enjoyable however issues like you know. I didn't know what i want. I didn't know a felt. Like i had something valuable. You know what i mean. I've whether it's my connections my my my networks whether the ability to bring people Bringing the right people the right room. You know what i mean like in like a sales pitch e thing like that like i generally care about people connect to the people you know what i mean. I generally care about our industry continuing to build networks. Because you know people always talk about. He won't talk about network importance of it. Did it did Your east who. It's not what you know but it's who you know and in you can give that lip service as much as you want. You know what i mean. You see a lot of people. Do go yeah. No we're going to those launch the petroleum club which is fine. You know that's not working too. But it's it's not the networking that i know. What create strong bonds. You know what i mean. Strong bonds not done at a happy hour with seventy five people and you know majority of them being sales you know. It's that's bar. It's it's loud noise you these surface conversation so i personally so so start off with with content creation then it kind of one of the business development side of things. They look eating in front his personal of silicate that And then the other part the last part of that which is kind of actually kind of taken off. And i think most valuable not just to to me in the business service partners i work with them changed from vendors. Visit service parts. you determine. It's it's it's it's important. It's outdated man because that's not. What vendors are i just like we were talking about jason churchill. He's the one that brought up that That i i remember. We had this discussion..

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