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Amazing musical montage right and he moved into until like doing some commercials and things like that but he was signed at. Ca Before Arctic was a part of the conversation at all and then Kinda realized that he wanted to hone different skills really did his homework and then kind of used his team to kind of put things together but he wouldn't have had those resources or those skills frankly or the the money to live if he hadn't started in Youtube Man's Mickelson lean if he never made a movie off creates Indiana I think also maybe can look this up but I think I think I think there's like a nickel or something. Eh One Nichols. I think it had something like that yeah. I think that there's there's two things here to talk about. Digital that one. I think beyond on youtube there's all sorts making a viral video. I think David Sandberg's a great model of that to come out with a short fill lights out as viral on facebook. Everyone's seen it. It's the one with the lights. Searching up enough in the hallway gets tapped to feature historians amazing for that. He's I think he's in like Sweden or somewhere with his wife and they got a call from the paramount or one of the big studios and it's just very surreal and strange experience because the short thumb goes viral do Annabel and Suzanne was just came out so I think he's a good example of a studio movie but beyond just kind of viral shorts I think for digital a lot of those people are are kind of on their way up or cutting thirteen. You guys are good examples of that shirt. Yes both did online web. Series shows that got you representation and now you're on your way up to that year we are had the Glasner and yeah we see a real clear line from the web series to the TV show Adam Ruins every everyone everyone a lot of people that directed that as a web show directed that as a TV show was a video TV show of digital show and just picked up by HBO Yada. Yeah previous guests doyle was actually an actor on Berry. Joe Is also a writer and director on the so-called bonding swept show that netflix might say insecure raise awkward black girl and then it comes out with a great yeah fantastic I think as the budgets examples are great having you also mentioned on the does does he have a company. He's been wrapped yeah not a movie coming out but he's he's working on his feature films and stuff like that. Andrew Kramer so eating firm movie from that Guy Kramer I. I love that Guy I while we tell you talk to them. All the time. Actually Kramer is a great example of going up. You know maybe if he doesn't want to direct Mandy man that does that do does via fax tutorials gets Star Wars. He does the opening sequence with the yellow this that's crazy. He's the fairytale for for be affects artist well but I I'm wondering 'cause I mean he's awesome. He's the biggest celebrity in the FX far and he's just so freaking funny. Okay Alexandra Cranford did serious sad version of the story where all he wanted to do is make film and he still hasn't made his film despite how famous and I would say that there's a lot of one of the biggest conversations youtubers trying to transition into or any kind of digital trying to transition into features and there's a a big man is a big gap from digital world to narrative world where for no reason I disagree actually. I think that there is a system. There's a transitional Hollywood system should bend a little to do what works in the digitals but they are not willing to bend and then they'll never remit but if they can meet in the mental I feel like just seems so obvious I think I think that's true. I think part of that is because Hollywood isn't making they're only making a hundred million dollar movies right so you you can compromise to a certain extent but like when you're making a huge franchise film. There's gotta be an army of people that a person is ready to the lead right so like you're dealing with committees. You're dealing with department. Heads in the scale is so drastic that from going from prison who did literally everything themselves to building out a small team to a thousand people all of us. That's such a huge growth spurt. That like takes a very specific man but there's people that are doing digital says that did go ninety seven. They're not doing everything himself sure that's true but where is the gap between them and Net flicks. I'd say it's IT'S A. It's a pretty big up. I I think the lower level of production more and more people are starting to come in. I think you see it more in the acting side. Though you see a lot of low level content with influencers starring the thing that all actors or pulling their hair the about the fund started taking excellence Scherf by my pajamas fine stores movie exactly have lives in their actresses and and we hear all the time that like when like people are looking at how many instagram followers the insure so have both done plenty of work with influencers dot booked because committee on the high end right now. That's not really happening on the low end like small productions. I know a lot of guys that Russian companies that that is the model is let's take star influencers installed smouldered of content and put it online branded content and you know. I think the nature or show what an influence races this is different too right because like it could be a personality or it could be a channel college humor and makes plenty of branded content through but you know though nowadays the Snoop Dogg might be considering influence absolutely I think you have two different sort of a weird one to bring up just because is it is new and but I think we both got into that route like ten fifteen years and I think there is something to be said. If there's no it's what is the new the absolute newest thing that you can get into early that there isn't a traditional set so you could even argue like maybe two different different digital. There's GonNa be some guy. That's really good storytelling. That's the person of the VR world they'll be. Maybe they can transitioned into narrative something right yeah. Arranges ain't worked with this. Now has a big job doing VR video game. I knew a girl that wants to be a documentary filmmaker to start at periscope. One of the things you like doc would just read the news everyday. Her scope had a nice voice was like before the more would read the news for an hour every day and I think she got the Guardian congratulations. You're doing things well what we're seeing. I do believe it's a small blip that might go away but we're seeing a lot nowadays before we started recording that scripted scripted podcast you're looking at it used to be the pilot presentation or the short film as proof of concept of now even cheaper than that in scripted podcast literally. I was just talking to yesterday he was like do you know anybody that has like good narrative podcasts thing that we're all trying to buy like three or four meetings in the last month that are like yeah narrative podcasts yeah yeah hold on find replace because of war and because of black is a great example they literally got a TV show out of that and that was originally script a feature script. I got rejected everywhere and then they were like you know what we're going to put a middle finger up to the studios and just release it as our own podcast but the guy one of the two writers was actually a sound tell sound engineer so he could do like cinematic score storytelling defects and then go from there to a TV show scrapie fenway mister robot was also feature scripting they got rejected like every by everyone forever turned into hit TV Sir so going back to the beginning. The rejection is like such a huge part. Hardiman astronaut being irked by that is is part of the common things between these five methods before we go into things we did mentioned so we're like the main things that really can tied together. No matter what you're taking what are like the the truths that you need the number. One thing is make right like you have to practice your craft. You have to get the better you have to have things to show people that like you can be the most charismatic capable brilliant person in the world if you can't prove it to anyone then there's nothing they can do. You people are here to help you EV. Everyone comes to Hollywood because they love making movies love watching movies. They are fans. That's the thing like it's hard to live your so when you have to love it right and there's this added that like no one will hire you to make something unless they've already seen you make that exact strict yes mostly true unless you are accidentally finale and the lottery for directors. I mean I hear this all the time. It's like literally people will look at your real and be like we have a car explosion version seen in this video that we wanna. Do you have a car explosion seizure so watch ten reels like that person has a coach is in like cinemascope in ours is GonNa. You mean yet vertical. This is not an exaggeration. I have done a lot of cat food commercials and I was up for a dog food commercial and didn't get it because I hadn't worked with dogs. Oh my big different trim. I and I support easier you guys but the guy but I support for different. That's true herding cats training if I thought you were too so one is just make things. Do you need to build a show proof in the pudding yeah. Is there anything else well. I mean it's so obvious but like perseverance is just like any failure. Just look at it as film school like I think I used to be an engineer for four years before I moved here so then I allowed myself like another four years of being here without any big success because I was like well. That's like my film school. It's really easy to look at the lottery ticket winners and say like oh well. I guess I win the lottery. I gotta go do something else but ninety ninety nine percent of the people that are working in business and making a living like also didn't win the lottery so and keep making it love the process to write like rejection is going to be part of the game making things things is going to be part of the game. If you don't like the beginning of the journey you're not gonna like the end right like the differences in your life between like just starting out and being scrappy and like being a huge success. The work doesn't change as much as you think so. You may be have more money. Maybe you're a little more comfortable. Maybe people have heard of the things that you're working on. I say that from experience to come up with the college humor days you know working on the university humor staff on serious national national commercials. I it doesn't change that much still the same deal the same stuff on set you still trying to find some waking up early. You're still like you know battling with people to try and get your vision realized. You're trying to explain yourself. You're fighting for the creativity and it's because you love it and that never ever changes so yeah. We'll say one other thing that I'm realizing more and more the longer do this. Is that thing. A lot of people go into business saying they wanted direct rate. They want to be like the tour or whatever and the be all end all of everything and just along. I do this the more I realize that like being a good editor being a good producer being DP or are good writer for me can sometimes be more satisfying like directing is just one part of it and it's become less and less important important for me to have like the name as the director credit on things just more important things. I'm excited man kissing. You have to be a great collaborator right. We talked about lone wolves. We talked about.

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