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Redwood Credit Union Senate, Mike, Pleasanton discussed on Papa and Lund


From redwood credit union Senate today redwood credit union for all that you love so what Mike was brought to you by our good friends at redwood credit unions traffic sponsored by well I've got the same thing here so when we do that after his traffic well the Chilton auto body traffic desk well if you're headed for Pleasanton on eastbound five eighty look at how we got the crash west of Santa Rita road involving an overturned vehicle the left lane is blocked in so traffic is backing up towards hacienda and it appears that left lane may be blocked for a bit southbound EDT it looks like they have picked up that the right lane closure that was in place to clean up a fuel spill in any event the weather they're not traffic it's picked back up to the speed limit through there and the southbound six eighty it's a skull minivan to watch out for right before the one a creek interchange going to be in the right hand lane a reminder no V. T. eight or muny light rail service right now and VTA light rail there buses are still operating fear free and no back up at the bay bridge jumpers must my redwood credit union is the best time to use redwood credit union's free mobile and online banking to do your transactions from home check balances make transfers deposit checks and more sign up.

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