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This is bloomberg markets. Vonnie quinn and polls sweetie view the volatility in the marketplace here downturn for american workers in history de across the board across industries trying to shore up their balance sheets very very disturbing dynamics at work breaking market news and insight from bloomberg experts only so the speed of vaccine development. All the dislocations there's always relative value trades that you could be doing this could be a you shake v-shaped profession certainly. I think that is really taking everyone. Bloomberg markets with vonnie quinn polls weenie on bloomberg radio coming up. We are awaiting remarks from president trump from washington. Dc we will bring them to you as a courage. Us moments plus. We'll get the latest on all the market action. But first let's go to greg jarrett for bloomberg news katie bloomberg business flash greg. Investors are pouring into financial assets ball assets that benefit from a stronger economy after democrats look set to take control of congress. Mark cabana a global research head of. Us rate strategy tells bloomberg that sabres really need to think carefully about extending out of the curve trying to pick up some additional yield based on their own comfort level and risk tolerant. Maybe think about moving into the corporate space more than the government space. But you're going to have to be careful and you're going to have to recognize that you wanna leg into this strategy over time because we do anticipate that rates will be slowly rising. Now if you're an institutional investor what you wanna do is that you probably want to hugh a little bit shorter on your own..

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