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Right so you're giving them choice in in some content what they're learning how they're demonstrating their understanding but you're really structuring it basically the structure that i've used in a lot of teachers have used his start with introducing the project and when you introduce the project you really want kids to understand why it's why there's importance of them having some choice right because i think a lot of times they need to understand hey why did google have this time how did the posted no get invented while three m's fifteen percent time right a lot of time she younger kids we'll show them canes arcade the video of kid creighton on our cades dad's autoshop so really kinda having that understanding and then sharing the project which is they get to choose something that they wanna learn but they also have to create something based on that learning right so there's the passion piece of what they're interested in about but then there's the purpose of what they're make mccain and then we start once they choose that we we kinda basically have the kids take all their ideas of what they wanna create a make learn about we haven't put it in like a march madness bracket and this is a big key because a lot of times when we were first doing it we didn't do that bracket kids just have one idea like i want to do this and then they wouldn't run that past ended the other ideas that they potentially can have and they would want to change in like a week or two so now they're all their ideas out there really navigating those ideas they come down to one that they really care about and then it's time for them to shark tank pitch in the shark tank pitch they have just one minute and they pitched the entire class just four slides four things number one what they're gonna learn what they're gonna make number two why they're gonna learn it why they're gonna make it number three how they're gonna learn to make this a number four what success would look like to that from that stage now they're going into the real kind of research learning rights now they're not just researching online or reading stuff they're watching videos they're talking to real people they're finding mentors right that they.

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