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Like the bubble goes up because you just can't you just can't engage with that many people at once i think it's just a protective measure of like i just need to get where i'm going and push through and just and not have to deal with you don't eat bubbles we have cars out here are bubbles who did you like so you're you're going out there you're really young who did you kinda did you kind of get a couple of friends like on the show or the outside the show gilda was my first friend yeah and she took me over to she was in the middle of doing that lampoon album that's not funny that's sick and so that's when i first met herald ramos and bill murray brian doyle murray and bob tisch or and they said hey why don't you come and record with us so i did a chris guests to and so those are like some of the first people i met and then when i met tom schiller he looked familiar to me and we had gone to the same grammar school no i recognized him from that my sis had been his camp counselor you know it's it just it's all connected all worth road sevi connected so that the national lampoon crowd kind of does that feel a little similar to the groundlings now now it was so unto itself i really didn't know anything about the lamp poon i had never read it when lauren presented the show to me says it'll be a cross between sixty minutes and monty python and i i want his money pi on i'm just thinking that you know and nodding my head in disaster.

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