Congress, President Trump, ABC discussed on Retirement Summit


From ABC news. Michelle Franson happening now in Philadelphia. Former vice president, Joe Biden, just taking to the stage officially launching his campaign in the birthplace of American democracy. Saying Hello Philadelphia his speech today is suspected to center on unity. Democratic candidate Bernie Sanders is campaigning in South Carolina today. Retired general David portraying telling ABC's Martha Raddatz in an exclusive interview on this week that Iran must be careful not to overplay their hand. Portray says the Trump administration could act more forcefully to Iranian aggression than past administration. This is we're having. President Trump in the White House, frankly, has to give them some degree of pause. The full interview airs Sunday Missouri is the latest state to pass legislation with tougher restrictions on abortion Missouri's house and Senate passing a Bill that bans abortions after eight weeks of pregnancy ABC's, Stephanie Ramos has more on how the recent laws are shaping up to turn into legal battles leading to having the law challenge. And reached the supreme court where the new balance of power could overturn Roe versus Wade or dramatically change the landmark decision, which declared abortion, legal, the treasury department missing another deadline issued by the House Ways and means committee chair to hand over the president's tax returns that occurred on Friday. ABC's David Wright says the Trump administration has decided not to fulfill those requests from congress on several investigations stance that the White House has taken is that congress is on a continued witch hunt. And the Democrats in congress are intent on manufacturing trouble, and harassing the president congress. However asserts its right to oversight here, and ultimately, all of this will come down probably to various court cases, in which courts will be asked to decide who has the authority here, congress to subpoena or the president to claim.

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