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Got well done thank very much for that round of this I can **** you there and Julie at Sally let's get you some of the other stories we are watching for you with the first for the headlines from around the world Deborah now has it all is that the United Nations official who investigated the death the Saudi journalist Jamal Khashoggi says it was quote a state killing and that that should stop the kingdom from hosting the G. twenty summit next year I yes column Mar says G. twenty countries should cancel the meeting or move it elsewhere to avoid being complicit Palomar also says crown prince Mohammed should be investigated for his possible role twenty seven people have died and much of India's financial capital ground to a halt as it had this month since since two thousand five hit public transport and led to the city the clearing a holiday lights in Mumbai were delayed diverted or cancels after spicejet plane overshot the runway the local weather department reported thirty five centimeters of rain in twenty four hours the second heaviest downpour on record the state of Arizona is heading back at Nike for pulling its fourth of July sneakers from stores after facing criticism that its design was offensive the independence day shoot carries a logo of an old U. S. flag with thirteen stars representing the first U. S. colonies as an emblem embraced by white nationalists Arizona governor Doug Ducey said Nike had bowed to political correctness and ordered all financial incentives to bring new manufacturing plants to be withdrawn Saudi Arabia will raise three billion euros and its first ever euro denominated bond sale to bar offering includes a billion euros of eight year securities and two billion of twenty year now the eight year bonds will yield less than eight tenths of one percent according to Bloomberg calculations low interest rates in Europe have sparked demand for sovereign bonds boosting insurances here to our all time high veteran US auto executive Lee Iacocca has died at the age of ninety four he first came to prominence in nineteen sixty when he was named for general manager alliances strategy that produce the Mustang for years later time magazine had called him the hottest young man in Detroit however many CI a cook as crowning achievement as saving Chrysler from going bust in nineteen eighty although it did file for chapter eleven several years after he left well one is twenty four hours a day on air and that's talk on Twitter powered by more than twenty seven hundred journalists and analysts the more than one hundred twenty countries I'm Deborah now this thanks so much Deborah wells central banks are making headlines today IMF boss Christine Lagarde is said to be the first woman to lead the European central bank after being nominated to succeed Mario.

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