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Chairman and president les Moonves says is out affective immediately. Les Moonves is out at CBS little more than a month after the New Yorker published accusations about us behavior from several women some of which date back decades several women have since come forward with their own accounts. And as part of his negotiated departure CBS said moon vis and the company would donate twenty million dollars to organizations that support the metoo movement CBS said moon vis would receive no severance benefits until the outside law firms hired to investigate complete their work. Aaron Katersky, ABC news, New York. A beer is President Trump is following the lead of his former attorney Michael Cohen and filing papers to drop the nondisclosure agreement against porn stars. Stormy daniels. Here's more from ABC's Tara Palmeri while President Trump remains defiant against the Russia investigation. He's backing away from another legal battle filing. Core papers in California district court promising not enforce one hundred and thirty thousand dollar nondisclosure agreement. Signed by porn star. Stormy Daniels just days before the two thousand sixteen election for her silence about their alleged affair Trump following the lead of his longtime lawyer and fixer Michael Cohen who on Friday also offered to tear up the NDA and says he may seek a refund of one hundred thirty thousand dollars cash payment in March Daniels lawyer Michael of anarchy said, she was willing to pay back the settlement. And North Korea hosting major celebrations for the country's seventieth birthday. But without nuclear warheads, perhaps a sign that Kim Jong UN is supportive of talks with the US and President Trump a performance that was part Olympic opening ceremony athletic competition, and Broadway musical in Pyongyang one hundred fifty thousand seat stadium the climax to the so-called mass games marking the seventieth anniversary of North Korea left. No doubt. What role Kim Jong UN wants to play in the history books..

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