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Just recently. So we'll see. Now with that in mind, Dolly in Chicago knows a bumper. All right Dolly, why'd you hear you know? Hi, Wally go, how's it going tonight? All right, how about you? I'd like to guess one of the bumpers. Now he's gone. I may be wrong on this one, but it could be Bobby Smith and the dream girls. Yeah, now he's gone. Absolutely 1962 on big top, you're absolutely right. Woohoo. Yes, yes, yes, and I'm very impressed. You're probably the only person listening who knows Bobby Smith. So that is impressive. I like the owe me too. I like mister fine and walk on into my heart. She had a lot of stuff I like. Yeah. Yeah. All right, well hang on, we'll get that address and don't hold your breath. All right, so how nice? Well, Dolly impresses the heck out of me there. Knowing her Bobby Smith and like I say, Bobby, it was great, mister fine was a wonderful record and walking into my heart and missed all heart and made you on and on. And yes, yes, absolutely. Now he's gone indeed. All right, Eric is the first time collar and Joshua tree, California. Thanks for calling Eric. Welcome to WGN. Hey Riley, I love your show. I have a guest for your trivia question. Oh, good. Dining and dashing. Oh my God. I have no idea what that percentage is. But yes, it happens. No. That is it. Okay. And I had one more question. I told John, I said, what can you tell me about Barry levesque? Absolutely. I loved Betty levit. And in fact, she wrote an interesting book. You can read all about her in that book. And she. Had a lot of opportunities. And unfortunately, not any that really worked out for her. But she still at it to this day I saw her newer videos. I mean, she's great. Yeah, no, absolutely. And she's been doing this over 50 years. So yeah, and was she on Atlantic Records? Oh, yes. Well, yes, no, the Atlantic thing. She asked to be let out of that and I remember that Jerry Wexler said, well, you're going to see how cold it is out there. And oh my God. Yeah, unfortunately, she saw how cold it was out there. So yeah, but she's very underrated. And can you play one of her songs? One of these days when you get to it? I'll play one for you tomorrow. Cool. Absolutely. Yeah, no, that's great. Thank you. Okay, thanks for calling. All right, cool being bye. And of course, you know, what she's most famous for is probably my man. He's a loving man. And interestingly, that gal from Gainesville, who was so good too, covered that. And she's a blue eyed soul singer, but she was just a great version of my man, he's loved man. And it was terrible because the race itself and all that it wasn't pretty for. But yes, Betty and that, by the way, SBE, TT, YE, yes. Betty Jo Haskins was her name originally, but she started out on lupine and then was on Atlantic for a couple of records. I just went to Kala, we could tell you stories, but that's for another time. And then to Karen. Well, we know she didn't get royalties there. That's another story. And on and on, it went, but she absolutely should have been bigger than she was. And maybe I'll blame my man. He'd love it, 'cause that's one of my one of my favorites, but she's been, or let me down easy. I don't know, it could be that. All right, well, I'll think of something. And I appreciate Eric for bringing that up. So let's see, we have yes. Yes, 12%. 12% of Americans have admitted to this. Admitted to this, Jan and new lenox, Illinois. Welcome to WGN radio. Hey Riley, how are you? All right, how about yourself? Good, thank you. What do you think? So when you said arcane, it made me think taking office supplies from work. Would you believe that two thirds of employees have done that? Wrong percentage? Yeah. Yeah, boy, they have two thirds of employees have admitted that, yeah, they did that. Okay, thanks, Charlie. Thanks for calling. Do it again. All right, yeah, that blew me away too, but yeah, 62% of Americans have said that the check is in the mail when it wasn't. And two thirds, 60, 66% basically. According to the Chicago sometimes and reader's digest have taken company supplies for use at home. And I think that's where Gary from Austin was going with that, but we'll find out. Maybe I'm wrong. So what do you think? Well, I was thinking about stealing things from work, but not necessarily office supplies just to something. That could be interesting. I could see a wheeling it out now. Oh God. Well, I do somebody who worked today. Radio reading service, and he borrowed a turntable from them and never returned it. Well, see that would be an office supply for that particular location. Yeah. And they weren't using it. They missed it. So he just rehomed it. Gave it new life and purpose. Yeah. Yeah, I think he used it for about 20 years after that. I don't know, but that's great. I remember. When cart machines first came out, I was with my main squeeze of the moment and we walked into the lobby of a radio station. We both worked at other radio stations, but so this is obviously the 60s. And in the lobby, we see just boxes of new cart machines, brand new, and he said, you want them. I wanted him so bad, but the reason I didn't take him wasn't because I was so honest and all that. I didn't want him to have that over me. So yeah. Right. No. Had I been there alone? I don't know how honest I would have been, but seeing as I had had an accomplice said, no, no, I'll pass. So yeah, but I still every now and then lust after those machines. I was in a grocery store and a guy was taking me through it to get some stuff and I got something. And here, you want to just put that in your pocket and I said, man, I'll pay for it. Yeah, exactly. That's right. There's only like a couple bucks. I want to be liked in here. I'm going to do that. Not worth it. All right. Thanks. Talk to you later. Thanks

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