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Wigan's throws fatigue left side of the midcourt circle picked up there by trebol murray gloves i pass over to andrew wiggins wade is those back on the right to jimmy butler butler gets a towns picked got rid of chambery to the paint lanes inflows all the way it in this minnesota is back in the lead forty one to forty their second lead of the game they let a two nothing to begin the basketball game jamal murray dribble and a handoff the wilson chandler over yokich inside the arc yokich does it at a high posts over the lyles kicks at the corner to chandler chandler back over lyles he's one on one with andrew wiggins eight puts us back into him gets in the paint headfake headfake jump shot as up no good should have been a foul there are was rebound down in minnesota outlook past he drives on murray throws it in the corner to crawford a wide open 3 is though good denver dodged a bullet there rebound comes down to yokich he has on the high left side over the wilson chandler chandler gets down through the wind he goes leftists feet those it on top the jamaa murray back the barton barton's it amid post a brings jimmy butler out to the 3point line lobs it in the patea yokich yokich turnaround jump shot no good on his fouled by jamal crawford two free throws coming up here for the goal of yokich over his first full it's going to be taj gibson killing back in here for minnesota after the first joker free throw against the denver nuggets golden anniversary joined the fund the moments in memories have only just begun the denver nuggets fiftieth anniversary season proudly presented by key bank and western union member one more free throw coming up here for nicola yokich while we have a moment let's pause ten seconds for legal id on the altitude radio.

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