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Reed continues in France. For twenty nine year old man police believe opened fire on a Christmas market in Strasbourg killing two leaving one person brain dead and injuring a dozen others. It's still a mystery would second. American diplomats in Cuba. University led study suggests that twenty five US diplomats recalled from their posted in Havana, Cuba, definitely suffered injuries to their ears. US officials originally blamed Cuba for some sort of covert attack, perhaps using acoustic waves, Dr Kerry Balabagn was one of the researchers. I want to make it eminently clear that we don't know what they were exposed to. And certainly can't make any inferences as to whether it was deliberate or inadvertent. Cuba denies any wrongdoing. The diplomats affected say they all developed tonight as vertigo and other issues at about the same time in Miami. Evan brown. Fox news. California's considering a plan to tax text messages, the California Public. Commissions considering a proposal that would charge us for our text messages. The wireless industry is fighting this. But in a report the Commission's has their public purpose program is losing money billions of dollars and this revenue would help the program helps low income Californians afford phone service. A spokeswoman at the commission says those who use more voice services would pay less than textures would pay more. So it's a wash the cellular telecommunications industry association says texting is an information service like Email, not a service the commission can regulate like this. Jessica rosenthal. Fox News Christmas, tree farmers worries. They're slowly losing ground to the artificial tree. So they're taking to social media this holiday seasons. Persuade Americans to go natural the Christmas tree promotion boards. Running an ad campaign on Instagram and Facebook called it's a Christmas. Keep it real up to eighty percent of Americans who have a Christmas tree now having artificial.

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