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With votes. Can we take the products and services? You have look at a new market? But you you send one word in ice and I I want to highlight that because I think it's so important. Ns. Partnership now maybe you sat it but maybe I just dreamt it or was thinking about it. When you were talking, it's having a true partnership with you the Agency from a client standpoint and the agency with the client because there's a lot there's a trust factor in there and and that's adversary or or you're not believing I'm just like, why is it? Why have you not gonNA listen to us. Word everybody just wasting your time so I, I love that I really have enjoyed listening to you about your approach to to your agency and and brings me back to my days and sometimes I sit there and say, yeah, maybe I should have. Said of going fractional again, starting another firm. But then again, I don't think it really wanted to do that. So. Present cons, there are pros and cons been there done that, and so I, I we are coming to an end in I. Know we've got some. Kind of wrap this up a little bit. But I've kind of one other question and then I'm GonNa ask you for a piece of advice for my listeners. But what gets you out of bed at every day? What inspires you when you wake up in the morning I just gave my state of the company address yesterday to my staff for the the second half of this year and what our goals are and with getting out of bed. Is this notion that when we come out of this pandemic, no company is going to be the same right. Every company will have changed the world will have changed but in that change, there's an opportunity to be better. And what drives me more than anything right now is not wanting to be the same agency the same company we were when we entered this five months ago, I wanna be better and want to learn and grow and serve our clients and understand what they need a little bit better every single day, and that's really what I push for and You know it's It's like a digital strategy if you can be constantly learning and adjusting that's a win. That's a win for a company. I think as well. Beautiful I love that. So last last question is we covered a lot of topics here today and then very educational I. I know my listeners are gonNA find a lot of value in this and hopefully you've enjoyed this conversation. But if you could make one or two or three suggestions. For my listeners when it comes to kind of thinking about their digital strategy and could help grow their business but what might those be? So, I think the number one thing especially in this climate is you have to think in terms of your audience. So not just who are you trying to target but what are they going through in this time? You know how have they been affected? What are they feeling or or wanting because so much marketing I think we fall into this. We talked a lot about story messaging but we fall into this trap where we're only trying to get our message out and trying to talk about our features benefits, and especially in this pandemic post pandemic world, it can't be about you. So really think about where are your customers or your audience in this time and how are we going to speak to them about the things that are important to them that's the number one messaging point you need to really focus on right now is what do they need from us and how are we going to convey it? And then I think my number two tip is do some research. Take some classes really educate yourself on what digital can at n can't do what should you expect you know even if you have a consultation with an agency or consultant, just do some learning about why these tools are powerful and what you can expect if you were going to jump into this world and then be realistic with yourself about what you're willing to invest whether. It's time staff resources, bandwidth investment from a financial standpoint in what can you put into making this go and that'll help you answer a lot of questions about whether it's right for you and whether the timing's right because a lot of businesses are in a different place financially now than they were previously and a lot of its rebounding. But how fast are you going to be able to put the time and attention into a new marketing strategy? On. And then I think last it's it's that this is a long term strategy stay consistent over time and really. Commit to it this is not an overnight. If we could push switch and have it all worked for everybody I- billionaire but. Not. The way it works. So make sure that you are really in it for the long run that you haven't agency partner that you trust or a marketing partner that you trust because that relationship is GonNa make or break your your success through all of this you know I think that's can't be overestimated. That are underestimated that relationship. I agree with that one, hundred percent in any has been an interesting. Conversation for me because a lot of kind of your approaches, your thoughts are very reflective in similar. The Way I think is well so like. She's like in bed at an a mayor. Listen Katie you so much this has been fantastic. So why don't you tell the listeners how they can reach you your website you're linked and all that great information law I would love that. So my website is k. w. s., M. DIGITAL DOT COM. My e mail is Katie at capably digital dot com and Katie Wagner on Lincoln, but I think the actually url says K..

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