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His coq who fancied getting it done i think they got it system for this though because the leaving sachers devon bush this like lashing the linebackers get the sex in this scheme now change one of its athletic enough to go get his own saying he wait for rashawn gary you him a couple but this murray's ours i just think the 404 great madison's a good coach dilmun esmat guy i going to palm grid niemoller no i know there alagem but i think i think he's the one guy i think he's the one guy out of the last two regime there has been a mainstay khazni that is still stood out the most is gray perry you're right look at the guys he put in the week i'm talking about the guys he romney in six seven years ago in psalm through from jade ryan low you know rich project cambone whom they would they know coach jake so not hear all they couldn't develop talent will who couldn't develop tone greg medicine oh okay they are eyes because the same belie gold with less guys who could develop what people just be talking that's what gives me come worked up 'cause i just hear stuff with no thought putting to talk to a guy saturday after the central gay centre watson michigan gang on china lots of game guys all my are yeah now i if i may help cut developed talent if you don't get on my face talking like that i won't talk about that who would devin fudges right oh it was what have you can develop their before he i came here good olga he just have ryan clark oh yeah about banking oh so what i'm saying is terribly plan ahead of conversation greg maddux doing a fine job of front he's been daughter find john for a long time no you're right i mean eighteen set alight think jim harbaugh will just praise inbound brown so much in that press conference he noted best kiemas funky and he got the right pieces the do that hurts.

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