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And unfortunately limited time but we're gonna have to have you back on the president himself addressed the bannon controversy yesterday this is what he said when asked about steve bannon like mr batten's defend him mr bannon keeneland very late you know that i went to seventeen senators governors and i want all the primaries mr bannon came on very much later than that and i like him he's a good man he's not a racist i can tell you that he's a good person he actually gets a very on sam press in that regard but we'll see what happens let's mr bannon by he's a good person and i think the for instance and frankly very unfairly we'll see what happens with mr bannon chris is that where my boss i don't know how secure i'd be in my job today yeah that while ryan i mean there was sort of give with one hand and take away with the other yeah i like many give you have treated unfairly about will see i i've uh that was tentative but that's also donald trump i i don't excuse me i don't pretend to have any insight into donald trump's mayan on this what i can tell you is what he is rife bannon bannon's very follow these formal warmer naval officers of principle guy he's someone who believes people in the mission of this presidency uh by uh by donald trump likes to keep his the people who worked forum guessing he shown that time and time again so uh you know look i think that donald trump would be illserved too to make a move to remove uh steve bannon i think that there would actually hurt the president and i am here's the thing republican president get tricked into this all the time which of yorkey thank you can get give the being wolves in the press some blog and that they'll go away they wall both they'll do they'll be emboldened and if he gives a fan and they'll just come my after somebody else max the ultimate goal is to remove him from the white house and steve bannon is just one step at all along the way final question and then we have to run chris um uh yesterday apparently steve bannon was being reported was one of the few people in the white house that was very proud of.

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