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Online dot com AM Mewes part of American Public University System, which is certified to operate by shot 9 48 traffic and weather on the AIDS back to Jo Conway in the GOP traffic Center in Maryland. Baltimore Oyster Park, where the crashes South out of Powder Mill Road. Last report. You're under police direction with maybe a brief delay. Along New Hampshire Avenue south bound in camera. We see the closure still in place. The South enclosure begins a slim Schindler Drive the actual crash itself to place farther the self. We also see the flashing lights there at Crest haven. The crash investigation ongoing on the adult of the Beltway after New Hampshire Avenue. The works in there, you're getting by its staying to the right with a brief delay. No delays, really at the Chesapeake Bay Bridge is the westbound span remains shut down for the ongoing overnight road work to a traffic on the eastbound span. Virginia 3 95 north down roadwork between chemistry and the Pentagon at last report was blocking the left lane on the Internet of the Beltway. The room to go to Route seven Report of one stopped on the exit ramp to be crowding Elaine on the D. C trip. 3 95 South. At Main Avenue. That ramp has been re opened. No word yet on whether they've officially reopened 3 95 north pounds ramps to lower 14th or the 12 Street Expressway in the camera. Lower 14 thought seeing any traffic coming through believe those ramps remained shut down is part of the ongoing street closures that air in place still around the White House and around the Constitution Avenue kid because in Pennsylvania Avenue as well as getting into the district As a result of today's various festivities were brought to you by crop MedCath be ready for any weather, a crop. Metcalf's $29 heating and cooling check 800 good crop or crop Medcalf dot com Crop MedCath home of the five star technician I'm Jo Conway. W th T traffic, Not a storm Team forehead Samara, Theodora. Dry, cool and Clear night now patchy fog will likely develop after midnight. High temperatures tomorrow will be in the low seventy's. As the fog burns off early Sunday morning.

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