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Quicksand porn is a real thing. I talk about him. I said go right ahead guys look it up and explain it quickly what it is. It's it's women thinking in quicksand naked and like unreal it on your phone. I know you don't want that on your history I would. It's real my buddy Bert Kreischer told me about it and no-shirt oh shirt yeah no way and I look it up and it turns out it's real and here's my whole thing with the quick standpoint. Listen I get it. It'd be a freak. Do whatever you WanNa do if if it doesn't hurt anybody rate but like some of these fetishes man like there's other like there's a deep dive into porn hub. Unlike okay. I know a lot about it I. I'm a married man. I'm on the road a lot. I've been to the end of porn hub Seattle. The asking it got it got it needed. I sign on and it's like how from the tape. Welcome back Brad date. They know me they know me there. There's a lot of stuff on there where you're like. I get it if you have a weird fetish. That's fine the battles my mind is like how do you discover that you're in the quicksand porn. I am. Where's the set? Are they building. Set in Van Nuys. Actually going to the House on jungle. Define there's movies about girls that sit on balloons and pop hop them and then guys are like really into that. How you find out like I feel very vanilla when I find out these things are out there saw? How might you know my wife's very very attractive? Just like a little missionary which do doggie Woo crazy. Every now and then we have three way. Wow I thought that was crazy and then I find these guys would like so like girls. Popping balloons are are. Are you going your kid's birthday party. One of MOM's trips falls on a balloon. Hard right now. Oh my God I hold on I gotta go google this Google and you find out that there's tons of guys are also also into that to me. I feel so happy and let them like only in the madness clown porn porn clown born. Well that's okay. I can see that one of your next quicksand not not a bad one. Not a bad one. Book mayhem and Netflix. Always great to see man always a pleasure we. I've seen you twice a week. I know it was it was great. I it's it's aids bonus Jericho time and then Yeah and then. I'll see on the boat. My friend sounds good. Good Sam foreign by Brad. Williams congrats again that Brad Williams and his wife they're welcoming a new addition to their family early next year. Which is why he won't be on the Jericho cruise in January will miss them? But you can definitely go see. He's super funny..

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