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That long well we got an email where somebody said they were mad about an article that said Bernie Sanders praises China for a radical poverty By killing all the poor people and they were upset that we didn't give any reference to where Bernie Sanders said these things he did say he killed he killed people. Yeah uh-huh and then it's this person says if Bernie Sanders said these things then. He must be very stupid because no vote for him. Or you don't mind submitting articles that lie and and so then water so then our support staff replies and says we are satire and then they give us the about out links and the satire links lease so this is a joke and then we got this very long response back so basically she. She says that her mom was very her. Mom is a Christian and was very upset because she heard that Bernie Sanders said these things and then this is her doing what the wives to read this. read the read the email in her voice. The let's read. Let's now let's read from the. I can hardly wait. So this is her mom believes her. Mom believes that this is true and then she finds out his false and this is her response. So who wants to start I can. I can hardly wait to give her the good news in the morning. The Babbel B. A. Satirical Christian site which means you can pretty much anything going into quotes or any candidate running and the poor elderly or gullible people. That don't actually understand that. This site is just joking around in quotes. Get get to be horrified into voting for whomever you deem quote Unquote Christian worthy. This is GonNa rock my mom's Christian world I don't remember Jesus ever having a satirical moment. Oh except for me. That time in the temple with the money changers. Yeah Hey he was almost human angry. Maybe that's what you guys need too bad too. You Bad Godson isn't available to slap y'all around bit it's like you made a deal with the devil. Satire gives you the license to lie. Oh Oh we were just joking around hilarious try truth. It's even funnier than satire if you can see it from Loftier and more allowing perspective you've been battling you're not helping. Anyone is brilliant dramatic reading. I want to read Oliver. Hate me for on FS EH Andrea. My she'll sit there and read like Yo previews to me in her like her voice in one night one time she looked up Twin flames the whole concept of twin flames and all these people like talking about it then she was reading it and this is very entertaining. Amazon reviews to which is great eight. Amazon Review Readings eighty-one our spare time. Well if you want to just read. Some more Amazon reviews subscriber. We're going to move onto our subscriber portion where we have some fun stuff. We are playing the dating game where we have to answer things about our spouses. And we're going to give you our ultimate advice marriage and parenting advice that we've learned and maybe a couple crops truth and I said maybe cover a couple more BS stories. But I'm not sure if that's going to happen or not so because we talk a lot so it's all right everybody. Thanks for listening in the wives. Say Goodbye to the freeloaders goodbye. freeloaders subscribe goodbye. Goodbye or family needs money. If you want my wife to be able to afford fancy dresses and shoes and stuff steph and Komo essential oils destiny sense when you guys want to advertise your limit before we go to the desert rousselot it come to San Antonio Hospital and get a heart catheterization. You're not going to get this right..

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