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Westward, especially along the West Coast, he says Arizona is in the crosshairs Phoenix 114 degrees yesterday, they got to 117 tied for the hottest that they've ever seen in the month of August, and this summer, has been sweltering, the hottest on record in Phoenix. They've seen 38 days of 110 degrees plus and they're going to be six more of that. Six more days in the row of that there are more than 5.3 million cases of covert 19 in the US as schools begin opening for the fall, Vice President Mike Pence in West Virginia says in person classes can be done safely. We really do believe it's best for our kids. And it's best for Children with special needs learning disabilities. Nutrition programs that are available. But CBS is Michael George reports that that hasn't been going well in all states in some covert hot spot states the experiment to put kids in classrooms and then see what happens has already backfired. Takes you in elementary in Florida. 14 students are in quarantine. Two days after school started, We couldn't prepare for this situation. Like the superintendents of the other day. There's no playbook on this and Woodstock High school in Georgia, Nearly 300 students and teachers are in quarantine, forcing a Countywide stopped in person learning Turning now to UFO's, which have become a concern for the U. S. Military. CBS's coming, McCormick explains. The Pentagon says it's setting up a new task force to investigate UFO sightings. One concern is countries like China using drones and other spy capabilities. But the Pentagon also says even when the observer cannot immediately identify what they saw, each report will be seriously examined. Especially those that occur at US training sites. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo says the US is tracking the situation in Belarus after protests over a disputed election. People are demanding the simple things that every human being watched the right to have determination for themselves about the nature of their government, and so were the Leadership in Belarussian to broaden the circle, as foreign minister said, to engage with civil society in a way that reflects the central understandings that the Belarusian people are demanding the annual 9 11 tribute and like it's back on in New York City after it was nearly canceled amid the Corona virus pandemic twin beams of blue light arc into the sky honoring the nearly 3000 who lost their lives in the terror attack. And sending the message. Never forget this is CBS News. You know that capital one assistant that looks out for surprise credit card charges and helps if you need to fix them Capital one. What's in your wallet C Capital one dot com.

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