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Like Kevin was saying like just making things even if you're like Oh shit is sucked, don't look at that as a failure and don't look at that as a stopping point look at it as like okay. When this isn't new shit none of this is profound but most of it is. Very true and the reason why you keep hearing it is because it is very fucking true. If you keep making things if you keep writing things if you keep drawing, you're eventually going to get better at it, and if you've got a big grand idea and you're like this big grand idea is my is my baby and this is the thing that one day will be a movie or a TV show or youtube show or whatever. Work up to that workup to the thing that you really really think is a good idea is worth making make a bunch make hundreds of things before you make that make test version of something that you don't plan to show anybody or put online or whatever. Until you feel like you're fully ready and confident of to make that and I guarantee you if you put the work in and you really focus on that one thing that you really want than I swear you'll be ready to make some day and you might not feel like it's ready. You Guys Su- such good. Everything you're saying is so good. This is. and. What you're saying to doesn't happen consciously. Wake up and you're like, Oh, I've feel like I'm all of a sudden great at doing this. It's like you maybe you yes. I'm. Elliott, seeing one of those shadow people saw. The coolest thing that I've experienced is being a little kid having a vision of something in my head of how I want it to turn out. Trying it having it not look anything like I wanted it to look like and then getting. Angry. And then slowly over time, it's like that's almost exactly how I pictured that in my head turning out that is a very cool thing to actually. Yeah exactly and you never know the thing that's in your head that you want to fully realize, and then you put the work into it and you make it and you're like, wow, this is exactly what was in my head for all. You know that thing that was exactly in your head and came out the way that was in your head, a lot of people like that and be like Holy Shit that's really unique in. New and different and weird and creative, and it makes people go like Oh shit I like that and then that's how you start to build an interest in the shit you're making and then you just keep doing that and then I think that's you know whatever you guys you guys were talking about big conto you and I feel like I should send Ryan the pictures of me-meeting you guys at like five years do you do? Not. Not. That was I didn't even respond to you anyway. You. Replied to me I'M GONNA I. Guess I'll talk to him about this. Listen. There's probably videos of that panel of you in the same you look in the same way and everything. It wasn't necessarily how I looked. That's part of it of course I always. The FA- I didn't know that I you that and like that. Alone I get. To I had no idea Kevin that I've met you back that. Yes. So cruel times even Steve Yeah Yeah Pictures of me with Steve at they'd gone well Kevin I remember you coming to like the the open space shows too. Yeah. But always ones I had done once we had made connection with the even then I I remember seeing I, remember being like oh, your Kevin, your the guy that make things I remember that and then and then I kicked clicked in my head that I'd seen you Before but Do not. Throwing up Steve. Yes. I'm throwing up in my mouth and I haven't had breakfast yet but I'm eating my dinner from last night but But Kevin, you should share the photos of us for this and Ryan pleased that it those in but also when you're talking about your. In. What's that? 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