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Better help. Dot com slash rise and fall. That's better help HELP. Dot com slash rise and fall. Happy eastern Mars hill church. It was a rainy Easter Sunday in 2011, and all of the area Mars hill campuses were gathered at quest field, the Seahawks football stadium. What an opportunity we have to celebrate in worship. This is the first time our puget sound campuses have gathered together in over ten years. And it's amazing to see this beautiful family reunion come together even all the crazy uncles here. It is amazing to gather together as one body. To gather here at quest field, which is becoming Mars hill church for one day. There were several moments during the service that people pointed to as sort of points of interest in the story. One was a new face, at least to Seattle, of one of the worship leaders. And I want you to help me welcome all the way from Orange County California. Dustin kinser's band thrice has been around since 1998, and was well known in the Indian hard rock scene. They'd release records on major labels like subpop island and vagrant. So to a certain subset and definitely a constituency of Mars hill, he was a big name to have present. He'd eventually joined the staff and moved from Orange County to Seattle to serve at the campus in Bellevue where Driscoll preached live. Another interesting moment came when Justin forsett, a running back for the Seattle Seahawks, came out to welcome the church to their home stadium. That's my honor and privilege to welcome all you guys to my office space that I call on Sundays. Also known as quest field. So thank you for coming out. Now normally, when I'm out before the start of the game, we will raise the 12th man flag right up there. And we'll celebrate and start the game. But in honor of resurrection Sunday and Jesus and who he is, we're going to raise the Jesus flag this morning. So everybody's standing your feet. Looking back ten years later, people see that day very differently. For some, it's one of the most amazing and powerful moments in their ministry careers. It's a story about the church coming together to pull off a gargantuan effort in the 6 week window between the genesis of the idea and the service itself. It's a story about almost 700 baptisms and a story of more than 17,000 people gathered in one place to celebrate the resurrection. But for others, it was very different. Even just accounting for the human toll of that 6 week turnaround was brutal. It felt like a spur of the moment decision by Driscoll got thrown on the backs of the church to pull off. And it would have been difficult to do with 6 months, much less 6 weeks. They got it done, but in spite of all the talk about the day being about the resurrection. Some.

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