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Download where you download all of your favorite podcasts. He also is the K A. B C legal analyst, Royal Oaks Royal Welcome Hey, Thanks, John. I got to say, though, it's kind of tough to follow up Katie Hopkins. If she was tremendous, I'd pride myself. You know, on on attention grabbing language, but her metaphors were so vivid. I just don't think I can compete with her. Uh huh. One of them fell short. Oh, I'd give her an a right. It's a little bit like you know what it felt like following Robin Williams at the comedy store and Now let's hear Welcome. Berk. Terwilliger from the Human California chuckle hot with his comedy stylings. It's It's very difficulty, but we'll do our best again. We have faith of your royal Okay? Well, let's start with this tragic news about actor Dustin Diamond from saved by the bell, who I guess checked into a hospital. Less than a month ago, they told me at stage for one cancer. He was pronounced dead today. Unfortunately, I fear that we're going to hear a lot of stories like this, where people who they would they would otherwise go in for a regular routine. Check up to the doctor or Go to the dermatologist for a skin cancer check or get checked out for breast cancer. What have you Ah lot of people put those appointments off and cancers and other problems that would have been detected were not detected and unfortunately, some people are are having a tough time with it. Do you expect to see lawsuits popping up right and left regarding that denied care that delayed care that would lead in some cases to just catastrophic results. Sure you're bound to see some litigation arising out of that. But you know, whatever the volume of the suits might be. It is just such a such a tragedy because in a lot of folks have been trying to point out Is it when you talk about collateral damage when you shut down society? Ah, lot of bad stuff happens. I mean, when somebody loses a job, personal tragedy when a lot of people lose their their work. I mean, it's really a super serious generic problem for society. I mean off the charts, stress and things like putting off medical care. Not wanting to go to doctors, even though you know what she is that mold do because you don't want to be out and about on bits. You know The difficulty is that we didn't really compare the cost of the shutdown. With the possible benefits didn't focus on the fact that what we really need to be doing is protecting the people who are most vulnerable. So yeah, there's there's bound to be some litigation. But you know all of these all of these cases. I mean, so so many folks are passing it. You can't really tell for sure. You know whether or not it's a result of covert or something else or combination is just an enormous tragedy. We have some new reporting from CNN's Manu Raju. He just tweeted and I'll quote him directly. Fauci on CNN Situation Room says that people who have had covert could still get infected. By the South African variant saying getting Cove It does not seem to protect you against that. Variant urges Americans to get vaccinated to protect against it. We've seen the CDC come out and say if you get on an airplane if you get on a cruise ship, If you get on any number of transportation devices, you have to wear the masks. Do you believe it would be constitutional and lawful to say if you want to get on a cruise ship, Get on an airplane. Go to an amusement park. Whatever you have to prove that you're vaccinated would that hold up in court? He had to tough question. I have a feeling that more seriously. The issue gets. For example, with these variants, the more likely that those stringent measures would hold up in court. I mean, we got some decisions from a century ago, when the U. S. Supreme Court and other courts in America dealt with civil liberties issues arising out of the Spanish flu, and you know, they upheld the legality of communities insisting on vaccination, insisting on certain lockdowns and curfews. So you get kind of a default setting that if you've got a really serious situation, the courts are going to be willing to let the government have a lot of leeway and a lot of discretion in terms of these rules. So, yeah, I wouldn't be surprised. And of course, it's You know, it's so scary because just as we're kind of pulling out of this and thinking, OK, it's a matter of time that anybody's gonna get get the shots we hear about the variance. And what does that mean? Does that mean that these vaccinations are going to protect somewhat against the most virulent of these new things or or not at all? We don't really know. So I mean, just when you know you feel like there's light at the end of the tunnel Then you get slugged in the face again and so, And the problem is, it's like painting a moving train. Getting a handle on the science just keeps changing it early on, she says. Who needs a mask? And now people you see stuff on the Internet. Don't wear two masks because the air is going to leak in and out. It's hard to know what to do when the experts are changing their minds all the time. So yeah, I think the next several months it's gonna be It's gonna be a situation where hopefully we'll get good news and get confirmation that the various vaccines whether Madonna or now the new Johnson and Johnson, whatever are going to be effective against everything at this point, we don't know. Now. These vaccines were not FDA approved, so we really don't know how any number of types of people are going to respond to it. They weren't tested on people with existing antibodies. They weren't tested on pregnant women. They weren't tested on Children. They weren't tested on people with peg allergies. If an airline or a cruise ship company or employer or what have you fill in the blank requires you to get a vaccine and you have an adverse reaction to that vaccine that you were required to take. Could you then turn around and sue your employer for mandating that you take this vaccine that you had a bad reaction to Yeah, I think lawsuits like that could happen. I mean, in general. The exceptions to the mandatory nature of the vaccines are number one. You've got a religious personal objection, and those are kind of going by the wayside a lot of courts of striking them down. But traditionally, that's category in the second category is a medical issue because sometimes people have weird medical conditions such that the doctors are really worried that if they do take one of these vaccines But I'm like, you know, 99 people out of 100. This person is a zit. Serious risk for maybe even a life threatening reactions. So, yeah, if you if you force it, you could wind up being tossed into court. I had a lot of companies. Here. The e E. O. C..

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