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The saga of the drunken Koda's in the bar, there did seem to be An indication that there was some intoxication in involved in the production of this code program I John talk to is a guy named Stephen Sidley. Stephen Harry. Good, Fine, Thank you. I just wanted to ask you, Stephen said Lee was a recent U. C. L. A grad when he got hired to work at Western Tech. The company was full off a bunch off, crazed, drunk and stoned misfit youth with bare feet and long here and tone, clothes and social awkwardness. And those were the sort of people at the beginning. You were interested in video games there. Shortly after he was hired. Western Tech dumped half finished game in his lap, and I was told to pick up and finish a game that they were writing, which was called Maze at the time and eventually was renamed as in tuned. No manuals, no understanding of how the machine worked. Nobody sitting around me total utter fear. So simply asks one of these hippies around the office, where this code that he's working on came from The following story rolls out. The person who had started the escape. Heads divine this well, drunken stoned in a Mexican bar, drinking tequila to one night. Sidley told Johnny Cook his story. It was also told to Sidley secondhand and we wanted a primary source here. Do you happen to remember the name of the guy who wrote the algorithm? God, I want to say mule, but I may be mixing up with somebody. So no, I don't. I wouldn't fall on my sword about that. You can sometimes get the feeling that the Internet puts like all of the information in the world right at your fingertips, But the Internet can also be like the world's largest haystack. And this.

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