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Had we had the house Judiciary Committee voted in the two articles of impeachment of trump of use of power and obstruction of Congress all in all a long a very bitter bitter bitter party line to vote vote the full house is gonna vote in on a Wednesday I think and then it goes to the Senate there's no chance of conviction in the Senate but again it'll be party line vote the house of I think of some numbers and some of his house to vote against it but the vast majority will vote for it it'll pass the other second thing is that the FBI report came out and on the investigation of of the link between the trump campaign in Russia and the Faisal FISA court and there's something in there for everything for the for the Democrats the investigation of the results report said that the investigation was justified there was no bias against of of the trump in the FBI there's no specific no examples of spying on the campaign either electronically or by in person people of being planted there on for the Democrats there's numerous failures in the procedures by the FBI staff of particulars relates to Carter page and reliance on the the US steel dossier although they said that the investigation was ongoing before the still dossier anyway those two things came up we also want to talk about mega star with mark in Baltimore talk about the couple of things number one the the carnage in New Jersey and now this one in Atlanta just does it ever end so let's let's go to mark in Baltimore mark welcome to the show yes good a range of oracle about about one region although most of the happy Hanukkah which stores next week on Sunday evening this summer twenty four in the evening is it a press the go through Monday during the day December thirtieth we have in the Jewish community here and elsewhere or around really do agree to what happened up in Jersey city absolutely we have a question I have a few questions about blues and did anyone we know there was a shooting at a cemetery early we don't even know how for the cemetery was away from the Jewish deli and we don't know which was weird yeah the policemen office there was killed do we know how that came about I don't know I know the only thing is that I had heard was that that these two I've the column shooters I think that's that that their killers are not shooters is kind of in the name but nine term though there are killers and those two killers apparently were also implicated ana kill of the killing uber driver the day before a couple of days before I haven't heard anything about it the the the a cemetery to the point of the matter is these two guys apparently we're targeting this Jewish of rest of store Sabah market and you know just I don't know much more about it than that mark clearly there closely tied to the Jewish community participants also that will you know start this may really to know and very rarely do I watch television but I have to be somewhere Tuesday night downtown waiting for me to the store and I was watching some of the the news and it showed a one hour guns one hour one far between these two pieces of and the and that is what team where did the what and what actually one of the one we can't sit two guys it was a woman one man I don't you know I think they were two for this I think that was that was two men like a criminal about that those migration was two men but one way or the other he was too short whatever what did it get all those weapons and bullets one hour this is unusual I have no clue I mean it you know one of my head and they are fifteen so that you know this was this was a war zone and I have no and and it wasn't just the the the police who had the the swat team that had the A. R. fifteen rifles one of the weapons of one of these shooter said was a there are fifty I have no clue how they got it but you know apparently they they could get them legally just I have no idea how to get him I truly don't I understand the one other thing I did want to make mention as well as what was interesting was raised one of the call was for instance from Michigan made an error of thinking that at first when the first reports came out of the carnage that there there were white nationalists involved sand and she realized she made a mistake when it down when it was revealed it was African American said this was a congressman totally yeah yeah I have no I don't know what you know they open to you know I thought it was very strange coming you know but anyway yeah I just want to say by the way we're not done I went I want to ask you what's going on in Israel this is gonna have to have another vote because the neither of that Yahoo or Netanyahu or the water is Bernie Gantz could form a government so you got another child coming up and what is real I was told that a vote could take place I think in March yeah that's what I it will probably be I don't know will probably be after a Jewish holiday apart you know about the the most on our day yeah I I mean is on president all around I don't I don't know how many chances do you need a lot how many times the legal action that he would try to get a government form the gentleman I have no idea it's just neither of those is because Dayton yet Netanyahu couldn't form a government get sixty one seats in the in the Knesset then burning again so that it pronounce that he couldn't get out yeah and then they then they open it up to say anybody else who won who think they can do it give it a shot nobody could so now they get another vote I mean it's just how can you run a government how can there be a government when you know nobody can make laws that's just I have no idea we have a very unique problematical yeah which means is expired you put twenty Israelis and only get twenty one opinion I I can't answer that question I would road that are tunable lectionis schedule but I think people are tired of elections because a lot of money to put a lot together really so this is joining the ache economy because most of the money and fortunate to have to go to what's offensive to get out of the of the fan so I have no idea just anyway hits and I saw that this last week that that the the president basically said we got another vote another election because that and what from what Lee you know the I read the Wall Street journal which is that's neutral of United people not great but it's a pretty neutral organ all of the the the the opinion page but that that's good sound right reporting and they basically said that they do there's not a real lot lot of optimism that the next election will be any different that either party will get the collect coalition be able to form a coalition to to the form of the gun that I do know for fact is neither party wants to work with the air of members of the Knesset because the Knesset one hundred twenty six the absent from one thirteen think that's over ten baset which is on president and they do not want needle of parties wanted to go shave we've all been there yeah and therefore which is a key part I thought I don't know what is going to be yeah because the other part of the problem was that that that the blue and white party won't even negotiate with the the Likud party as long as Netanyahu's at your end of it and he can't risk losing it because if he doesn't get indicted so that's what I mean I know how that works I just simply want to say I do want to end on a happy note that's all I can say on that and I just simply want to say may made to members of the people that was slain than Joe see health will be remembered for blessing yes says hello yes and and the other thing is is is is hopefully the ravens can keep going on keep on winning thanks mark was a gem thank you hide in exile all right well guess what the lines are open like this month people's thoughts on impeachment on the F. B. I. report another big thing I gotta tell ya just describes the daylights out of me is first of all that that credit turn Berg the Swedish girl the six year old Swedish girl was was named person of the year by time magazine for her work advocating for climate change and trump mocked her I mean it's cyber bullying at its worst and not only that that's not a surprise but what to me what really great me was the fact that melania trump the the president's wife her big thing supposedly was a campaign against cyber bullying and yet the number one site be cyber bullying her namely her husband she doesn't say anything when he bullies this young lady because she became that person are you of the year and he was also considered and he didn't get it and apparently he's perturbed that he didn't get it and she did and he's mad and he takes it out on her side I tell ya I'm not a big fan of the first really not a big fan of the president but I've also not not a fan of all of the First Lady I mean talk about hypocrite she's proposes the proposed promotes this thing except when it affects the subscriber bull you're number one name in her husband nothing I can say about her is that you know he makes a point of always wearing a different outfit every time she's she does the one thing she does frequently which is walk back and forth between the helicopter that White House on our way to to from Marlowe again Florida so anyway I just like it some of us what her favorite another thing that that well all this bad news for trump is come out it's too it's too bad because it's actually some really great really hats and he in one way he had a really good week he got finally with agreement of the Democrats that he'll he'll take full credit for that with a grimace of the Democrats who got the the the new nafta Adam what's called the basically the US Canada Mexico tree trade three trade deal through and it's as one person said it's it's ninety percent after but it's the other ten percent is a significant improvement in Sir in areas so that's certainly a positive from the transfer from its perspective secondly the US China trade agreement went through our he says it did although I gotta tell you there is something some B. S. involved in that in that click the trump's campaign they said in that they're quoting that that the chief you should US says the China will by fifty billion dollars a year in agriculture well let me tell you a secret the highest amount of agriculture that the China has bought from the US was in two thousand seventeen and that was twenty three billion twenty three billion in in then a couple of things have happened since the number one the Chinese economy slowed down so they're not buying as much secondly at least in terms of of of soybeans and corn and secondly the Chinese have found other suppliers particularly Brazil and I think Australia so this year they bought three billion as opposed to twenty three billion two years ago before please try these these tests in place so here you got you got you went from twenty three down to about three now he's claiming that they're gonna buy fifty even though of there are other suppliers of stepped into the breach to provide for them so anyway I got a real question has there been a trade deal yes does it have some good things in it yes but I gotta tell you until you see it in writing and see that that of course is another side of that which we get into if you want namely the issue of of trump gives twenty six billion dollars in aid to the farmers because in his truck of his chair of deal and then he turns around and they just decided last week's paper that he's cutting seven hundred thousand people off of the the of the of food stamps because excess cording because they say it'll say five billion dollars he gets twenty six the billion away because of his Trajan I'll of his terrace rather than what I'm gonna say five of that by cutting off the poor anyway gifs that's not something that pleases me a lot of we are we'll take a break we'll take of we're gonna take a break we'll come back we'll talk about the the character from not from among we talked about talk about the time magazine thing anyway well back in the.

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