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In algorithm for your preferred podcast service and that'll help us out great way to support the show yeah i'm really excited we're about to hit some new i guess they call them markets in terms of podcasting but google plays coming up for us and and spotify as well so hey whatever you listen to out there we're on all of them soon all right so to start off i want to talk with you just a little bit about an area of fiction that that always fascinated me particularly because you see several different individuals hitting the same topic around the same time the same timeframe the earliest being that of that explored by h g wells and it's novel the island of dr moreau eighteen ninety six yeah yeah mostly known for the movie adaptations nowadays although i imagine at the time that it came out there is a little bit of shock to the subject matter as well and apparently wells wrote this in enlarge part as a protest against vivisection the live dissection of animals for research purposes and it's definitely something that's lost in the film rations but but i definitely remember watching the old burt lancaster version of this on daytime harsh show that was hosted by al what was name grandpa munster okay yeah okay hosted by grandpa on tbs day and it was it was kinda grimy and creepy and harry and then of course we got that wonderful marlon nineties one yeah i saw that in the theater in the nineties it's it's not good but it's still i don't know it has hold a warm place in my heart there's some there's some stuff about it i like it director richard stanley i believe and i think there's i haven't seen it yet but there's a documentary about the making of it but yeah for more more than just the the fear vivisection or human inter species crossover there's a lot of people who stay away from that you know what i'm thinking of two is even before that this isn't necessarily like a crossover but murders in the room more the grow story spoilers for like two hundred year old story but ends up being the murderer ends at being in a rang a tang that these from zoo or circus or something that was nearby and and comes in it's a it's a locked door mystery and kill sees people would like a razor blade or something yeah that's that's a great one in certainly i think is a part of this this sort of scene of weird eighth short stories like because another one that comes to mind and this was a bit later in nineteen twentythree but you had the adventure of the creeping man by arthur conan doyle yeah i haven't read that one well the there's an interesting twist here because it seems like it's going to be a marauding murderous eighth yeah but it turns out that it's that it's a human who has been taking simeon derived enhancement products okay and you know and it's actually either biologically or psychologically changing him into this this apelike guy dr jekyll mister hyde kind of scenario kinda yeah i wonder if they're going to incorporate this into the next season of the bbc sherlock benedict cumberbatch will be the dueling with this half a half day should man i'm a big fan of the weirder conan doyle stories like that one and the devil's foot which has a deadly psychedelic poison that drives people mad yeah that's great so okay you've also told me that there's a lovecraft story and this is outside of my knowledge of the lovecraft readings i've done so so what's it about the title of the story is facts concerning the late arthur german and his family by by iffy lovecraft this nineteen twenty and pretty early left graph yeah and it's i definitely wouldn't classified as being one of the great stories but it's definitely worth exploring if you're interested in weird ape fiction and if you're interested in the whole racial context of of lovecraft his racial attitudes because that kind of racial exile to kindly in this work i'm going to quit quote from it concerns the europeans coming back from african expeditions having encountered apes quote science already oppressive with it's shocking revelations will perhaps be the alternate exterminator of our human species if separate species we be for its reserve of unguessed harz could never be born by mortal brains if loosed upon.

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