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I could not care less about this version of their feud. I like them both. I loved their twenty fourteen to twenty sixteen few because it made sense. There's there's nothing logical about this story. And this is my pitch for changing, it the reason why Deano turns around because he knew it was gonna turn on him. And so then then you can get mileage out of calling the audience stupid because they didn't see what to him is clear as day. Right. So I'm gonna make sure that you have nothing. Why don't you write for WB because they I don't know. Nobody has offered. What didn't you have things happen? They do sitting at your house call, you know, thousand one I might have applied once on monster dot com thousand one. Them up on monster. They need writers. And also, the writers are very awful. And so it's like, I always meet so many great wrestling fans who are super smart who know ton about wrestling who could do a better job who are currently complaining about the writing who's just be a writer. Geez. It's a great job. What if I became a writer? You're very qualified. We'll think the show, but then you could also. This. Game channels and podcasts on themselves. Don't wrestlers have our own stuff. Yeah. Nobody would be great at it. I promise I'll be great at it. With dean and Seth that's what I would do that to me would make that. It's a really simple story. And it also makes sense. The the problem I have everybody wanted a lot of people. We were talking about in here. We want to turn heel. We think the face act is stale. But there's got to be you have to have a compelling reason Treville into become villain. They and they have to believe they have to believe that what they're doing is. Right, right. I don't get that from anything I've seen so far is a heel to who the company because because that's why the fans are on board. Right. Because it's like, you know, what enough enough how many times might gonna put Charlotte flare over how many times it might gonna put, you know, Sasha banks or how long do you go? All right. I guess I'm just gonna keep hoping that someday might card is called. And it maybe it won't. And also like these are just break themselves all the time. Yeah. And and and the people that are over like, it's it's kind of like the business. I'm in standardly. Every MC thinks they should be a middle act and every middle that believes they should be headliner and every headliner thinks they should be on TV, and every TV person they should be in movies, and every movie that should be the biggest star nobody's ever happy with where the at. It's always the cart in the horse. You know, so something, and I think that's with wrestling too. Is that those top dogs? They're like, well, why can't I be the first women to this? And the first woman today, I wanna do this. We gave everything else Charlotte. Can't you give someone else thing, you know? And so. I think that that's why like her character makes sense of going like, you know, what? Vince like, I deserve deserve this. And the fans look. Yeah. Give it to her. Like, I think they were like super on board with it. But that's why you can't flip flop too much, right? They say you can't go pad and then good and bad or the shield gets together. And then breaks up and gets together. Jack, especially because that I you'll break up with so poetic that every time you do it it lessens, not only the impact of the current thing. But also of the stuff that came before it when also I agree. And then also they're always going like, oh, we're a brotherhood. We never break up. We've watched you break up. Yeah. And it's not gonna make us. The only reason we're gonna pop when they come back because Romo will be back. And so we're going to like he's going to be the most famous reservoir time, which might be the only thing that I've ever correct? Fully been on the right side of history with wrestling because I've always rooted for the bad guys. I was a big Enzo, Mark. You can if you look online..

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