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Bowl because with general tire anywhere is possible when looking for a new wheel for your offroad vehicle car team for the Winter Olympics but I'm the driver of that thing like I I'm just trying to figure out this Olympic tie in here like I think there's more for young frazier McConnell Rallycross man I want to get him in the Olympics the factor yeah I you know tanner still thought to point out I mean he is be most experienced valley plus driver we have in the states you know he's one of the winning it yeah well you know and that being said I know you know we'll we'll carry this and then we'll go to break and guitar top four but you know talking about tanner I know like you said this was a year we didn't expect a lot of out of him you know and I don't want to say that you know because Tanner's tanner like I always expect you he's going to be around the podium conversation you could put him in jail and Volkswagen you know they're they're they're at a crossroads of that program with Andretti and Volkswagen on you know what do you do next and things like that because the Beatles been phased out and things like that and this was up Rallycross Program together in twenty twenty like he's got to be at the top of the list I want ten thousand he is my guy right and I think tanner needed this season to be like hey I'm still here I'm still a bad ass and I'm still one of the best to ever wheeler Rallycross Car Chris Yeah definitely Jim I mean it's going to be interesting to see what the long term future is whether you know whether tenor put something to you spare weather tanner stays with Andretti I mean even spoken to him in quite a while and I certainly wouldn't broach that question right even if I had you know it 'cause that's just the way Blake Ross works in this country right we don't get a schedule until January or February we don't start the season until June it's a very different time line than a lot of the other motor-sports work on and that does make it hard on the one hand to get a program together because if you're trying to secure a marketing budget before December thirty I you know you're you're probably in trouble because you don't necessarily know whatever you're racing and if those markets are gonNA work your sponsors but on the other hand it does give you would extra couple of months to dig for some of those last minute deals I mean we've seen it throughout the years it only deals put together last minute I feel like the only Graham that we really know of you know for sure what it's going to look like next year we'd be Subaru because I can't see them making any I figure that low and Bro will probably pretty similar as well but you know that is still a question mark what's going to happen with Andretti are they going to build new cars they going to build different cars is the beetle action are we going to come back I can't necessarily see that happening if it's no longer sold here but then again Ford as the Mustang and they're still racing is over hello and grow camp so I guess never say never yeah.

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