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Work. It is like the the corruption in the election. They weren't even smart enough to say Let's just do this. And if we go over 200,000 people more than Registered voters. It's okay. I mean, they couldn't even fix it. One of the mathematicians that did the analytical work said they just didn't do their homework. They didn't even try to make it. Look. Like it wasn't fixed. They made no efforts to look like it wasn't fixed. And so the numbers were manipulated. But they didn't do all their homework and manipulate them in a way that it was going to be hard to detect. And throughout the Obama administration, you can't manipulate one number, not the other. I used to on Lee use past and future BLS numbers, too, because there was nobody better to indict. The government numbers, then the government itself. I said it all the time. I don't need some conservative think think tank to indict the government they weren't smart enough to change their website. They didn't even do it. I mean, so you can't report number six months ago and have this number today. It doesn't It doesn't work. And that's what was going on. That's what was going on. Anyway, Let me go back to phones. 16 363 11 10. Uh, let me go to Gary in Texas. Hey, Dan, uh, income Investor morning in the morning tea to start moving over my funds from a 401 k or an irate with TD Ameritrade over two a Standard investment. Do I? Do You recommend any kind of a sequence where there are start with the high dividend paying stocks, move them or the low ones. Anything like that. Just comments on your part. No, I from a dividend perspective, It doesn't matter. It only matters that you maintain ownership in those companies and keep your cash flow. It doesn't matter where it is on the other kinds off stock. You want to move The you know the lowest number stocks, So if you have a start, that's up 40% and one that's down 10%. It doesn't matter what cos they are. Moved the one that's down 10%. Because.

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