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Not coming into the bruins beat on seamless media my name is Evan Marino, you guys having a great day, had a great Memorial Day weekend, maybe you did something fun for it. If you went to the beach, it was beautiful out, maybe you maybe were working. I was working on Memorial Day weekend, so no shame in that. But anyways, on this episode of bruins beat, Connor and I are reunited after Conor did his solo poke the bear episode last week, but we were reunited. And we handed out grades. End of season grades, everyone always loves this. How did everybody do this year? And we ran through each guy, gave them a grade, explained why. We do this at the end of every single season, at least we have since I've been hosting this show. So yeah, always fun to do. Connor was on, Conor was great, as he always is. And remember to always go support our friends over at bed online. Use that promo code CL and S 50 to get a 50% cash back bonus on your first deposit without further ado. Here's my conversation. With Connor Ryan. And we're here with Connor Ryan, Connor. What is that? Evan, I'm doing okay. I'm fighting fighting a cold flu, something like that. So I am gunning through it. So most of my most of my holiday weekend was. But I am here. According to pod, I'm happy to be here. How you doing? I'm doing better. I feel bad saying that, but it is true. I just landed from Atlanta, so I'm right off the flight. That's for recording this like late at night as you can tell. It is dark behind me, but had a fun time in Atlanta, got to see the NHL on TNT studios and worked there and go to a braves game and do kind of all the Atlanta things. I will disappoint you, Connor, though. There's one thing I didn't have the chance to do. There's one thing. One thing I asked you to do, Evan. I didn't get to go to waffle House. You killing me. I didn't get to go. And I'll tell you why I worked all I worked every day, like, day, 8 to four, and then at night would all go do things..

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