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June quarter. That's down 60% as people shied away from traveling just ahead on KCBS coalition says officials happened done enough to stop the spread of covert 19 behind the bars of San Quentin. Hey, CBS traffic and weather together as we check back once again with Kim Vestal and our traffic team. Kim, what's going on at the Kirk Amos Bridge? Well, a backup continues to grow. We're taking a closer look right now with the Chilton Autobahn a collision cam and have confirmed there is an injury accidents at the end of the East bound a span there right at the toll plaza. Two left lanes are blocked. It's where car lost control hit the barrier there, and that's why now we've got a backup and head towards the toll plaza out of Crockett. There in the eastbound direction before you get there, though you're right on the Upper East or freeway is moving along at the limit in both the east and westbound directions between the car Keenest bridge in Richmond, now the Lower East Shore. Is starting to fill in especially eastbound slow in pockets between the maze and El Sereno. But no accidents along that stretch. Oakland freeways moving along. Ah, looking fine. We've got some sluggish conditions that leaving downtown Oakland on South bound. 80. That's typical. No delays on 5 80 traffic on 24. Just now, starting to back up is your approach. They called a cot tunnel in the eastbound direction once you get out of the call to caught Traffic is back at the limit through Orinda, and that Lafayette and better news in Pleasant an accident eastbound 5 80 just before El Charro wrapping up on the right hand shoulder next update 3 18 on the traffic leader KCBS. Sonny and just a tad warmer. Today we're seeing high his eighties Lota mid nineties in Linus, at 94 liver more mid sixties mid seventies by the band mid sixties at the.

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