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This more to it. He said stunned. His tone and Glenn was so serious that it made me not to worry. Kind of love that made me immediately remember he was on. His face remained in its hard and state. His is Dr Cold winds across nine. Classes hands together in front of him and says. Guy? Anything about you rightly the same for you about me. But I need you to listen to what I have to say. Don't pass judgement until I'm done. He carried the words with hints of respect and Danny's. Felt wrong to not at least listen to him. And so. I wish I'd be more of a cynical Jack. Just laugh right there. How that would have made life so much easier for me. Instead I sat there with open is an in my life. As he spoke. Pleasant to me. He started. A man of God and country. I worked for my family. Live honestly. I don't drink mall and I shoot. Did any kind of Rothwell drunks? Spend my time. A church on Sundays like I should without a single cursed. I don't hit women Osteo from. I'm not telling you any of that to make me seem like a good person. But rather to let you know I. Am not a crazy. But having helped me. What I need to tell you. There was a pause in his speeches. He seemed to struggle to get the next pot out. Internal debate of words for him was constant. This on his difficulty, a speech that began to really worry me. After another stress, CY, he continued. For starters. He said. You cannot leave this place right now. I know your car is right out there. You could just drive on back, but. If you do one of them I, try to follow you. We can't have that happen. It'll be dachshund outside. I can't risk it happening again. I'm. Not Holding you prisoner but. Let you try and drive out now. Am I'd end up losing someone else. I just can't. I can't do that. I must have worn my mixed confusion in blatant display as he looked at me with a scowl. I told the man that I didn't know what he was on about. I started to tell him that. For one thing. I could leave whenever I want. I started bringing up the matter of the deposit once again. Put, a hand up to cut me Sean. Stood up to the window where his wife had been looking through moments before home. You made a gesture to follow him and look as well. I'm not trying to have that you Mr, thaw from it. He started. You know you just got here. What I'm saying sounds wrong to you, but it is swipe. Skies Getting docker around here early. Every day for the past month. It was slow to notice I, but last few days. It was hard to miss. Yesterday. The evening dot came down around four PM. On Sunday came down around three PM..

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