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To help us six and in a few minutes time julia hottie brew we had to tell you what's happening on show and we'll come back to henry dimbleby for small stories from this morning's papers the main stores for your those city trade is getting away with abuse of market that's whitecollar criminals according to the times are acting with impunity with fewer than ten prosecutions for insider trading in the past five years old so we're hearing that more than two hundred communities could be left with little or no access to cash because of changes to the atm system the consumer group which is worried that proposals by the cash machine that linked to cafes could main providers will stop providing free to use which james and he wants to regulator to carry out an urgent market review and according to this report work is taking a heavy toll on parents affecting their health and family lives as they struggled to cope with the strain of low now's research has found that many varied but again more than that contracted hours because of intense work lives anyway those are your main business stories and one of the stories that i was talking about earlier which is certainly in all the papers because we saw the results from whitbread and inevitably that reported in the press but the talking about cost to maybe our love affair with whether it's high street coffee oh costa is may be pulling a little bit adam love sales were down a bit henry what do you make of this story and also this sort of increased battle on the high straight for our coffee custom well i think this is not just a coffee sure this is a food retail highstreet retail and restaurant story are i would say that the level if you talk to our competitors he talked to people in the sector i've never experienced so much fear going into years have now this is worse actually them when lemans went bust in two thousand eight in terms of fair you have this massive number of different factors so rates going up minimum wage food costs going up and when we talk about rights that said that this as right that's the.

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